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10 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun
March 22, 2017 8:00 am | by

Bath time can be a ton of fun for kids with even just a few fun toys. I love seeing my kiddos take delight in splashing around and having fun with sensory play, stacking, pouring, and more. Here are some of our favorite toys to bring the joy back to bath time.

Skiphop Fishbowl Shape Sorter - Perfect for bath time fun and learning with this colorful shape sorter.

1. Skip Hop Sort & Spin Fishbowl Shape Sorter

Make learning more fun by incorporating them during bath time. This fishbowl will let you child sort animal shapes into their color-coded slots.

Colorful stack and pour bath time toys by Skip Hop will bring joy to cleaning up your child.

2. Skip Hop Zoo Bath Stack & Pour Buckets

Help enhance your child’s motor skills with these stack and pour buckets. What’s more interesting is that there are three different sprinkle effects for an endless tub play time.

Controlled pouring with Skip Hop's waterfall rinser bath accessory.

3. Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Rinser

Moms love their bath time helper. Moby will make bathing your baby easier and efficient.

4. Boon Inc. Boon Bug Pod

Bath time are always fun for the babies but it can be fun for parents too with this Bug Pod that sweeps in and scoops all the bath toys. How convenient and easy to use. Not to mention, this pod attaches to the tub wall and works as built-in shelf.

5. Boon Inc. Boon Creatures

Let your kids’ creativity roam by mixing and matching these sea creatures. Bath time will always be fun with these soft and flexible Boon Creatures that are just adorable.
Bath time toys by Boon - adorable water creatures for fun play time.

6. Boon Inc. Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net

If your kids can’t get enough of critters, these water bugs would be a sure hit in the bathtub. Set them free and scoop them up with a net. This helps your baby’s dexterity, too.

7. Haba Boating Set

Bath time means it’s sailing time for your young adventurer. You can use the yellow submarine to scoop and pour, paddle around with the paddle boat, and make it rain with the strainer boat, too.

An adorable blue what and seastar friend squirt water during bath time for instant fun.

8. Haba Squirter – 3 pack

Squirting is always fun with a squirter toy. Either outside or inside bath time, splishing and splashing would surely create some great fun time.This adorable bath toy is a floating tropical island complete with fun sea critters!

9. Plan Toys Floating Island

An island in your bath tub or kiddie pool complete with sea, sand, sea creatures, and a cute little coconut tree.

Go on a deep sea adventure during bath time with this adorable Plan Toys submarine.

10. Plan Toys Submarine

Dive underwater, zip to and fro, let your kid be the submarine captain with this toy submarine. Let them explore the depths of the ocean and sail away from edge to edge of the tub.

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