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12 Ways Your Phone Can Make Your Life Easier
May 25, 2018 1:57 pm | by

If I could add any capability to my phone I would add a remote, Swiss Army knife and a thermometer. If you’ve ever had a sleeping baby on your chest and just wanted to change the channel, you understand the remote thing. If you’ve ever had a sick child sleeping on your chest and the thermometer was just out of reach, you understand that one too. And, well, a Swiss Army knife is just practical.

A lot of people resist getting away from using paper for their schedules and grocery lists. If you’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone, though, your phone can do that for you and you’ll be saving some trees in the process. I may not be able to get my phone wish list yet, but here are some ways my phone makes my life easier:

1. Reinforce positive behavior

Having trouble keeping the house clean? There are apps that keep track of chores that are age-appropriate for your children. They can earn rewards. You can get some support and start those good habits early.

2. Improve health

From pedometers to workout apps to calorie counters, there is an app to help just about everyone take a step in a healthier direction. I would personally recommend yoga on YouTube.

3. Organize your schedule

Calendar apps help you set appointments right away. Many have some sort of family sharing feature so everyone knows the agenda for the day.

4. Grocery list

As soon as you think about it, put it on your list. As long as you don’t forget your phone, you won’t forget your list the next time you go shopping.

5. Thin out your wallet

I’m not a fan of digging through my purse to find anything so I stay organized with an app for all my loyalty cards. It even keeps my library card in there. You can also organize business cards in the same manner. So the next time you have a plumbing emergency just swipe through your app instead of sorting through five million business cards.

6. Screen calls

Have you ever been changing a diaper when your phone rings? Changing your ringer settings for important people in your life will help let you know if that’s your mom or just a spam caller.

7. Pay for things

It seems like more and more phone payment options are becoming available, even for specific retailers. Some apps now even include electronic gift cards and coupons so your payment and discounts are all in one place.

8. Take you places

Heading to the airport? A concert? Public transportation? Use your phone to skip the paper ticket. Some e-tickets will even give you early check-in options. Or summons a ride through a ride sharing app.

9. Safety features

Use your voice activation feature while you’re driving so you can keep your eyes on the road instead of looking at texts. I recently discovered that when I have something mapped out, my phone also tells me the speed limit so I don’t have to wonder when you don’t see a sign.

10. Keep track of your family

Has husband left work yet? How close is your child to being home from school? Instead of texting or calling “Where are you now?” twenty times you can just look at the map on your app. This has come in handy many times when we are on a tight schedule or someone isn’t answering their phone.

11. More info, please

Ever wonder what that pixel-y looking box thing is? That’s a QR code. Hold your phone up to the code in camera mode and it will get you more information.

12. Entertainment

Waiting in the doctor’s office? It’s always nice to have a few free e-books, educational apps, or videos to pass the time in the waiting room. You can always play music or white noise for a baby that needs to fall asleep.

What are your favorite time-saving apps? How does your phone make your day easier?

12 tips for busy moms to make life easier with a smart phone.

About the Author

Olga Gintchin is a mother of two boys and two pups. She enjoys Colorado life with them and her Bulgarian husband. Gardening, traveling, nature, and learning about other cultures are a few of her favorite activities.


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