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5 Ways to Use Microfiber Diaper Inserts
February 14, 2020 12:48 pm | by
5 more ways to use microfiber inserts. #morethandiapers #bumGenius #clothdiapers #cleaning #zerowaste

bumGenius microfiber inserts are designed to absorb enough pee to keep baby’s bottom dry. They suck moisture in and hold onto it.

Did you know our second quality microfiber inserts and diaper doublers can be purchased for a great price? Because these inserts have minor flaws or cosmetic issues, we sell them at a deep discount. Stock up and get to using them!

Microfiber can be used for much more than diapers!

Besides diapers, there are tons of tasks that microfiber inserts can tackle. Here are some ways customers have told us they use their microfiber inserts.

  1. Cleaning cloth.

    Microfiber is known for being a great material for cleaning, and our thick inserts do a great job. Plus, they replace single-use paper towels. Microfiber works great on surfaces that need a deep cleaning, but you cannot use an abrasive brush on like a fiberglass tub or cooktop.

  2. Mop/Floor duster

    Floor dusters with single-use cleaning cloths were extremely popular for a while. They fell out of favor with some families concerned about the chemicals in the cloths and the towels’ effect on the environment. We are all for repurposing. Instead of tossing your apparatus, you can add some rubber bands or sew some elastic to make a reusable option with an insert. Instead of tossing it in the trash, toss it in the laundry. Pictured here, we have cut a Flip stay-dry insert and slid it onto the wet mop. The velcro holds it in place nicely.
    Using microfiber inserts to mop.

  3. Phone/Laptop Cleaner

    Microfiber does a great job cleaning smears off electronics. A doubler is small enough to toss into your workbag to keep things smudge-free.
    Microfiber to clean laptops, phones and electronics.

  4. Makeup Remover

    If you are sick of throwing expensive one-time-use makeup removing wipes into the trash, maybe it’s time to switch to a microfiber alternative. Because of its absorbent weave, these doublers do a great job pulling off makeup and dirt. Use water or your favorite makeup remover.
    Makeup removing wipes

  5. Car Detailing

    Need to give your car a shiny polish? Get the job done with microfiber. It’s definitely a favorite for windshields and windows.

Have you found any more uses for microfiber inserts? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

5 Uses for Microfiber Inserts besides diapers! #bumgenius

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