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Aden + Anais Silky Soft Bamboo Swaddle Review
May 26, 2017 8:00 am | by

Anyone who’s had a newborn knows for such tiny people they sure do need a lot of belongings.

When expecting moms ask me for tips on starting their registry I have some simple advice to keep in mind. When you create your baby registry for the first time, start out by adding items that your child 100% needs during the first month of life. It’ll be less overwhelming if you have a starting point.

Besides the obvious infant car seat and stroller, crib or bassinet; think bottles, burp cloths, diapers, towels and swaddle blankets. I find you can never have enough swaddle blankets.

There are many reasons to swaddle your baby. But, some of the more convincing reasons; swaddling helps baby sleep on their back; the pediatrician recommended sleeping position. It helps your baby stay asleep by reducing sudden arm and leg movements and keeps your baby’s face uncovered.

My favorite is Aden + Anais Silky Soft Bamboo Swaddle Blankets. It’s easy to gush about these because there is so much to love.

Silky Soft for Baby

A baby’s skin is delicate and this particular swaddle blanket will be one of the most luxurious fabrics you’ll use on your baby’s skin. Aden + Anais Silky Soft Muslin Swaddle combines breathability with super soft viscose made from bamboo. You’ll need breathability when choosing your swaddle blanket, as you do not want baby to be at risk for overheating.

Multi-Purpose Swaddle Blanket

If you find a product that can do more than one thing, be sure to get it. A product like that will go the distance during baby’s many stages and you’ll be glad to know you’re investing in something so versatile.

Besides wrapping baby up for bedtime, you can use the Aden + Anais Silky Soft Bamboo Swaddle as a stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing cover, blanket and more.

If you’re new to swaddling, the generous sizing (47 x 47 in.) will make it easier to wrap baby. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you see you can wrap your baby as well as the nurses did at the hospital!

Why You’ll Love This Swaddle

  • This already soft swaddle blanket actually gets softer with each wash.
  • The prints and designs are beautiful and make for a great go-to baby shower gift.
  • Since the swaddle blanket is lightweight and breathable, it’s a wonderful choice for any climate.
  • The swaddle blanket offers the perfect amount of stretch, ensuring you wrap baby correctly for bed.

If I knew about these swaddle blankets when I had my first child seven years, I’d have a huge collection by now. I truly love that the Aden + Anais Silky Soft Bamboo Swaddles are soft, large and can be used for so many different things. It’s hard to find that kind of versatility on most baby products.

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