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All Things Babywearing Guide
October 3, 2017 8:00 am | by
Mama with baby in Tula Baby Carrier

International Babywearing Week

This week, October 2-8,  is International Babywearing Week! Here at Cotton Babies, we love baby carriers and wearing all the babies! We’ve rounded up some of our very favorite blog posts on babywearing to make an awesome babywearing guide.

Which Carrier to Choose

Need help finding the best carrier for you? Check out our Babywearing Guide. Whether it’s a wrap, soft structured carrier, sling, meh dai or another style, we’ve got the information you need.

Additional babywearing resources can be found here. There are lots of reasons people love to babywear and it’s no coincidence that people have been wearing their babies for thousands of years.

Trying to decide between a wrap and a sling? Find which is right for you with this helpful post.

Babywearing Makes Life Easier

Have more than one child? Read up on wearing multiple kids. Tandem wearing is so cool!

Are you new to babywearing and wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out why I love babywearing. Here’s another post from a working mama who wears her baby while she works.

Babywearing is definitely not just for moms. My husband once told me that he loved wearing our newborn and it was his equivalent of breastfeeding; the perfect way to bond and soothe our baby. Learn about babywearing Dads. And babywearing babysitters.


Do you have questions about babywearing? Leave a comment or contact customer service at 314-892-1855 or Happy International Babywearing Week!


About the Author

Julia joined Cotton Babies in 2016 as Executive Assistant to Jenn Labit. She’s the proud mama to a toddler and a baby. She and her husband also have 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and a pet fish. Julia is a diehard Cardinals fan who loves spending time with her family, shopping, crafting, and binge-watching “The Office.”


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