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An Artistic Love for Cloth Diapers
October 16, 2013 9:56 am | by

Meet Lindsey Rae Junkins: a stay-at-home mom, loving wife and talented artist. 

Lindsey married her high-school sweetheart, and became a stay-at-home mom after giving birth to her soon to be, three-year-old son. Believe it or not, this little guy became an explorer before the age of three months, as he had traveled through nine different states! Now, that’s what I call an adventurer. 

Years later, Lindsey and her family now live a steady home life in Georgia, where she is quite active in a local Mommy’s group. The group gathers at nearby parks to do crafts and pre-school friendly science experiments with their little ones. 

Lindsey’s Love for Cloth Diapers

Lindsey started cloth diapering her son when he was six months old in an effort to save money.  She made the leap to cloth diapers after a stash of disposable diapers she received at her baby shower ran out in six months. 

“I was interested in cloth diapers before I had my son, but that idea was quickly squashed when I was told by multiple people that cloth diapering was too difficult, gross, old-fashioned, etc. — Oh, how they were wrong,” Lindsey states, “After switching, I realized they weren’t terrifying at all! I should have stood my ground and just used them from day one. It would have saved so much money in the long run.”

Lindsey’s favorite thing about cloth diapers is the prints — and the cost, of course. 

“I’m a very frugal person and cloth diapers just fit our lifestyle, plus they’re super cute with BabyLegs!”

Her favorite bumGenius cloth diapers currently consist of the pocket diapers (bumGenius 4.0) because they not only make great swim diapers, but they are also user-friendly for both her husband and babysitters. Because of how easy they are to use on the road, Lindsey’s family loves prefolds and covers as they travel often. She says there have been multiple occasions she’s had to washer her diapers in a hotel sink by hand and had no problem. Gotta love how quick those prefolds dry!

Lindsey’s Love for Art

Lindsey acquired her artistic talent from her mother, who ran her own wood-burning business. Growing up, Lindsey’s ultimate passions consisted of a combination of science and art. Whether she was drawing alongside her mom at work or heading down to the pond to explore wildlife, Lindsey always pursued her passions. With the inspiration and encouragement from her mother, she decided to start a business of her own as a means of income to help support her family, while still staying home with her little man. 

Lindsey currently works on commissioned drawings, and being the thoughtful mom she is, prefers working with colored pencil to ensure less mess around the little one. She works on her art any time she can, which usually consists of nights and naptime. Lindsey has made the best of both worlds as she pursues her two passions – being a mother and artist. 

Art & Cloth Diapers

As time has gone on, Lindsey’s passion for art has rolled over into her love for cloth diapering. Her adorable painting of her son wearing a bumGenius favorite not only reveals her incredible talent, but also plainly expresses these two loves. 

Love My Cloth Diapers

How will you express YOUR love for cloth diapers? In spirit with our “Love My Cloth Diaper” campaign, we’d like to invite you to use your creative outlet to show your love for cloth diapers and why they are important to you and your family. Please submit all inquiries to

 Inspired by Lindsey? Want to learn more?

Visit any of the following links to view more of Lindsey’s work, find out more information about her business or simply say hello. She’d love to here from you!


Twitter: @lindseyrj76



Love My Cloth Diapers Drawing 1                   image  

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