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Diaper Burnout
October 30, 2010 11:22 pm | by

I have been sorely tempted lately to switch entirely to disposable diapers.  My eighth child, Molly, is about to turn one and exploring the world of solid food, which can make diaper changes and diaper pails, as I’m sure you know, less than pleasant.  Added to being constantly on the go, it just seemed like maybe this was one thing I just needed to concede to busyness. So I sat own and thought about it for a while. I mentally tallied the pros and cons.  On the pro list for cloth diapers there was: Healthier skin – Molly tends to

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Going for a Ride in the Fuss Bus
May 17, 2010 12:51 pm | by

Wow!  What a year it has been for me.  Now that I have older kids my life works in school years instead of calendar years, so in another couple weeks I get to count this year as O-V-E-R.  This year has included: Children in four different schools, none of which have their own transportation.  We had a preschool, a grade school, and two different high schools.  This meant not only a lot of driving but also a lot of getting in and out of the car since start/end times don’t always line up. A new baby, and all the loveliness

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My History in Diaper Covers
December 6, 2009 2:49 pm | by

I have used cloth diapers at least part time with all my children.  When we got married we had no money and my mom made me some and bought me the pins and plastic pants and off we went, no longer dependent on running to the store for diapers.  That child is 19 years old now… hard to believe that I am still diapering after all these years. Plastic pants and pins were pretty much the only way to go that I was aware of at the time.  And those diapers were cheap and pretty bullet proof.  Leaks were rare,

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2 Days to a Rash
November 10, 2009 5:20 pm | by

Early Wednesday morning we welcomed Molly to our family.  Baby number 8 for us, she is rewriting the rules of the household already.  She is our smallest baby at 6lbs, 12oz.  My labor with her was one of my longer and harder labors, but we are recovering nicely and she is a champion sucker and has taken easily to breastfeeding. Now all of my children have sensitive skin, so hers was really no surprise, except for how fast it showed itself.  Her second night was spent in the NICU as we tried to discern the nature of a heart arrhythmia. 

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Back to the Bag
October 15, 2009 6:42 pm | by

I’ve had a nice break this summer – from the constant presence of the diaper bag anyway, if not from anything else. Lily went to full time panties in June and I carried around a bag for a couple weeks after that.  As she became more reliable I left a change of clothes in the car and resurrected my long forgotten purse.  It was great!  I felt like I had lost about 20 pounds!  I only brought the diaper bag with me if we were going to be stuck in one place for very long, like a waiting room, to

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New Limits on Rear Facing Seats
July 17, 2009 1:12 pm | by

This summer, not one or two but THREE seats have now come out with new rear facing weight limits. First Graco released its brand new My Ride seat. It rear faces to 40 pounds and forward faces to 65 pounds. It was the first seat to break the 35 pound rear facing weight limit and retails for around $150. It got pretty good reviews and looks like it will be tall enough to allow children to rear face until they are 3 or possibly 4 years old depending on the height of the child. One caveat to this seat is

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In the Home Stretch (for this one)
July 2, 2009 4:12 pm | by

Bye, Bye diapers! Lily (21 months) has been completely out of diapers for a week and a half now. She is very young to potty train by today’s standards, but she hit a point where she started to get it and with a little help (and a few m&m’s) she is about 90% there now. I have chronicled our potty tales in the posts Elimination Communication and Elimination Communication – A Year Later. There came a day a couple weeks ago when she stopped wanting to pee in her diaper and would tell me or show some sign of needing

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Elimintation Communication – A year later
June 14, 2009 1:33 pm | by

Almost a year ago I posted about our journey with part time Elimination Communication (EC for ease of typing). It began kind of accidentally when she was about 7 months old and we just offered her opportunities as we could. We were on quite a roll for a while until Lily was a little over age one. We had traumatic move that really upset our schedules for a few months in a row. During that time I really scaled back on her pottying, but I tried to at least have her go once a day upon waking in the morning

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Halting Houdini (or at least slowing down little escape artists)
May 19, 2009 12:15 pm | by

Some babies never try it. Once their diaper is on, they toddle off to resume their normal activities. But some… you never know in what condition you will find their diaper – or if you will ever find it at all. These little engineers have busy fingers and figure out how to take anything and everything apart. On of my friends had a child like this. When they put her pajamas on they had to put a safety pin in between each of the snaps or they would find her in the middle of the night, buck naked. My Lily

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Will She Notice?
May 7, 2009 12:19 am | by

I posted recently that I have had Lily (19months) in disposables while I navigated the stormy waters of morning sickness. I wondered what she would think when I switched her back. The first cloth diaper I put on her as a bumGenius. I didn’t point it out to her that it was any different than her usual disposable diaper, I just did a matter-of-fact diaper change and sent her on her way. She didn’t blink an eye and did not seem to notice a difference in any way. At the next diaper change, I tried something different. I let her

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