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Jill Babyrabies

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That’s How I Roll… With My Diaper Bag
June 30, 2012 12:35 pm | by

After toting diaper bags for over 4 years, I think I finally have the contents paired down to the right amount of helpful stuff without over-stuffing it with half the medicine cabinet and 2/3 of the nursery. Come on, admit it. As a new mom you walk around with so much stuff for your baby, you should be dragging a rolling luggage bag behind you, right? Granted, we are beyond the newborn stage, and I have one who’s potty trained, so I don’t need to carry quite as much stuff as is needed with tiny babies. So here’s a little

Author Archives for Jill Babyrabies

Potty Training Boot Camp
June 6, 2012 4:03 pm | by

The plan was always to have a second baby before my first turned three.   As we started to get closer to having to pull the trigger on working to get pregnant again, the plan quickly evolved to having my first, a boy- Kendall, potty trained before his younger sibling arrived.   Yes, I know that’s pretty young to potty train, especially a boy, when it comes to the advice I’ve read. We were really lucky, though, because he seemed more than ready. At not even 2, we left him for the first time, in the care of my mother.

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