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Baby Registry Etiquette & How To
February 24, 2017 8:00 am | by

Sometimes pregnant mothers can be confused about how to register for baby gifts before a baby shower without seeming tacky or rude. Here are some tips to help.

Is a Baby Shower Gift Registry Tacky, Rude, or Inappropriate?

No! Most people appreciate being able to quickly and easily find a baby shower gift that will be something they are sure you will need or want. This is especially helpful for matching nursery décor, infant items in a certain color theme or for subsequent pregnancies when you may already have many baby items.

Shower guests and other well-wishers may still choose to give an unusual infant gift that isn’t on your present registry though, so be prepared to graciously accept one-of-a-kind, homemade, or heirloom gifts. A baby present gift registry can also help prevent duplicate gifts and give last-minute shoppers a less stressful shopping experience.

Where Should I Register? How Many Baby Gift Registries Should I Have?

In today’s mobile world, most mothers choose to register with a chain like Cotton Babies which allows friends and family an easy way to order long-distance gifts for a new baby. If you are having a local shower, or there is a large group of friends in your immediate area, you might choose to also register at a smaller, more local boutique as well. It is generally considered poor form to register at more than two stores for a baby registry so most mothers prefer to pick a store which, like Cotton Babies, allows long-distance fulfillment.

Should I Tell People Where I Registered for my Baby Shower?

Usually, the hostess of the baby shower can include that information on the baby shower invitations so guests know where to go if they want to use the registry. It is considered tacky to tell them yourself unless someone asks you where you have your registry located.

What Happens if I Receive Duplicate Gifts at My Baby Shower?

It is common to receive duplicate or similar baby gifts, although having a gift registry can cut back on that happening. If you receive a duplicate gift, you should still send a timely thank you note to whomever sent you the baby shower present. After the baby is born and most people have finished giving you baby presents, take any duplicates and similar presents back to the store you registered at – they can usually help you exchange a repeated gift for something else that you may not have received.

What Type of Baby Gifts Should I Register For?

Expecting parents will want to be sure they register for a wide range of infant needs and include baby gifts that span more than one price range. High-priced necessities like car seats or bassinets should not be the only items included on your baby registry, and parents should not be surprised if several friends go in together to purchase a more expensive item.

Think about these categories when planning your baby gift registry:

Baby Safety and Health. Safe, infant car seats are an absolute must. Other baby health essentials can include a baby thermometer, nail clippers, nasal aspirator and first aid kit for the baby nursery.

Baby Nursery Items. This category would include baby items like crib sheet sets, blankets, a bassinet, diaper pail, rocking chair or other furniture pieces for the baby’s room.

Baby Hygiene and Diapering Needs. Consider registering for things like an infant bath tub, hooded baby towels, cloth diapers, baby wipes, diaper-rash ointment, and a quality baby shampoo.

Baby Toys and Playtime. Think about adding a crib mobile, lullaby CD’s, floor mat, baby rattles and other toys, a bouncing seat or baby swing, and an activity center.

Infant Clothes or Layette Items. These include the items that a baby wears such as bodysuits or “onesies”, socks or booties/baby shoes, a sweater or two, baby blankets, burping cloths or diaper accessories, etc.

Other Baby Needs. Don’t forget important miscellaneous baby items like a baby carrier or sling, breastfeeding pillow or bottles, bibs, diaper bags, and teething rings.

A baby registry can help your friends and family find the right gift for your needs. Be sure you put your must-have baby items on the list, and you’ll be helping them, not insulting them. Plan your baby registry carefully to make it easy for friends to bless you.

This article is adapted from one that first appeared on Untrained Housewife.

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