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Babywearing Guide and Infographic
June 5, 2017 8:00 am | by

Choosing the right baby carrier is a combination of personal choice and practical preference. Wearing a baby the correct way has a number of benefits, and it works best with the right carrier for the right situation. This exclusive Cotton Babies printable will guide you through some of the benefits of babywearing as well as the best types of carriers for a variety of situations. Enjoy!

Baby Wearing Infographic Teaser Image

Benefits of Babywearing

According to the medical journal, Pediatrics, researchers found babywearing three hours a day reduces crying by infants 43% overall and 54% in those sensitive evening hours. Many parents report that it’s beneficial for breastfeeding ease as well.

Babywearing Safely

Remember the ABC’s of babywearing safety – Airway, Body, and Comfort.

Airway means make sure the baby’s airway is clear. Your baby carrier should be positioned so it doesn’t cover the baby’s face or cause them to be smushed with their chin down against their chest, but rather have a straighter neck for easier breathing. This is especially important with newborns who don’t have great head control yet.

Body means check that their full body is appropriately supported. Avoiding a deep “slump” position is best so the baby has full support and better body position.

Comfort means that whatever carrier you use should be comfortable for both you and your baby. This may mean adjusting the fit a little bit once you have the carrier on, or switching to a different carrier, depending on your personal preferences. This is could be why 83% of babywearing parents report that they own two or more carrier types.

Which Baby Carrier is Right for Me?

When you are trying to decide which carrier is the right carrier for you, there are some things to keep in mind. Whether you choose a Ring Sling, a Wrap, a Soft-Structured Carrier, or a Meh Dai, you will be able to find a carrier that works for you. Each has unique benefits to choose from.

Take a look at this exclusive infographic by Cotton Babies for more details about the pros and cons of each carrier, and share with a friend you know might be wondering about babywearing. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for other great Cotton Babies resources.


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