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Budget-Friendly Cloth Diapers Made in the USA: Econobum
November 2, 2020 12:27 pm | by

My kids have potty trained and moved on from cloth diapers, but my friends with new babies ask me about my cloth diaper preferences and what I would recommend to them. Well, that all depends on what they are looking for in cloth diapers. If they are choosing cloth diapers strictly to save money, I would recommend Econobum or Elemental Joy.

Econobum Newborn

For newborn babies, Econobum newborn covers with a preemie or infant prefold are my go-to solution. They are super cost-effective and keep all the newborn poop inside. If you’ve ever experienced an up-the-back newborn poop blowout, you know that is quite a feat! We had some disposable newborn diapers, too, and it seemed like the blowouts only happened if baby was wearing a disposable diaper.

You can choose from snap closure or hook and loop. I honestly don’t have much of a preference either way. I had about half and half because I wasn’t sure which style I would like better. Both fit great! For one-size diapers, I prefer snap because hook and loop wear out over time and I have extremely limited sewing skills and very little patience. Newborn diapers are worn for a brief period of time, so I never had any issues with hook and loop losing its stickiness.

You’ll want to have enough for 24 diaper changes. I believe I had 2 dozen prefolds and 8 covers.


Econobum One-Size Diapers

I’m a big fan of cloth diaper covers. I like being able to change out the absorbent layer based on baby’s needs. If for some reason the diaper gets a stain, no big deal. Just swap out the insert so your favorite color or print isn’t damaged. Plus, covers dry super quickly. This is especially helpful if you get behind on laundry and need a new cover pretty quickly after it comes out of the washing machine.

Econobum newborn

Econobum covers work great with prefolds, but you can also use Flip inserts with Econobum. Stay-Dry Inserts are super easy to use and are great for babies who do not like to feel wet on their bottom. Day Time Organic Cotton Inserts are very absorbent and trim. They do require some folding. Night Time Organic Cotton inserts worked well for my babies at naptime or for overnights. If you have a heavy wetter, Hemp Babies inserts are a great way to add additional absorbency.

Econobum diaper covers are currently sold for $11.95 one-size cover and $9.95 for a newborn cover. It doesn’t get much more cost-efficient than that!

Econobum diaper

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