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The Cloth Diaper Collectors Club Subscription just got better!
May 7, 2018 11:30 am | by
bumGenius Diaper Subscription

The bumGenius Diaper subscription with exclusive prints is available through the Cloth Diaper Collectors Club! Did you know it’s been a year since we premiered the Doodles Collection? We’ve had so much fun creating imaginative, playful cloth diaper prints to send to you on a month-to-month basis.

The bumGenius diaper subscription is getting some updates too!

Since the Cloth Diaper Collectors Club has been around for a year now, we’ve been reviewing feedback. One of the biggest requests we receive is – can I just buy the single diaper??? And now we’re excited we can say yes! The bumGenius diaper subscription and Flip Diapers will be available in the same great sets OR as singles. The set subscription will continue to be a better value than retail price.

Are you a current subscriber and want to switch to singles?

No problem! Just log into your Cloth Diaper Collectors Club account. Next, you can just pick the new item you’d like to switch to and update your subscription.  If you have any questions or need help doing this, just give us a call 314-892-1855 or email

What diaper styles are part of the bumGenius diaper subscription?

  • Freetime one-size all-in-one cloth diaper with stay-dry absorbency
  • Elemental one-size all-in-one cloth diaper with organic cotton absorbency
  • Original one-size pocket cloth diaper with stay-dry absorbency
  • Littles newborn all-in-one cloth diaper with stay-dry absorbency and organic cotton booster
  • Flip hybrid one-size diaper cover (inserts sold separately)
  • Big one-size (fits 35-70 pounds) pocket cloth diaper
  • Bigger one-size (fits 70-120 pounds) pocket cloth diaper

Save up to 20% when subscribing to a set!

BOT-of-Tea bumGenius diaper subscription

May shipment: BOT-of-Tea

{Insert caffeine to begin}
Calculating… calculating… sip… ahhhh…
Tea for you, tea for me – we’re all geared up for BOT-of-TEA! It’s time for a cuppa fun with BOT-of-TEA, the latest addition to the Doodles Collection featuring robots at a tea party, of course!

Bot-of tea is available to purchase with a single subscription or in the set. The tea is steeping and this sipp-errific print will be shipping on or before May 27th.

Join the club now!


How long is this subscription? It’s month-to-month.

What if I want to cancel? No problem! You can cancel at any time online. No fees or hoops to jump through.

When will I be charged? New subscribers are charged immediately. Auto-renew billing happens on the 10th of each month.

When does my subscription ship each month? Your diaper subscription will ship on or before the 27th of each month. We also reveal the next month’s print on the 27th of each month, so if you want to skip a month or cancel you just need to update your subscription before the 10th of the month.

International shipping? Check out our exclusive partner retailers in AustraliaCanada, and Europe.  The Cloth Diaper Collectors Club diaper subscription only ships to the US.


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