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Celebrating Halloween in a Pandemic
October 21, 2020 1:13 pm | by
How to Celebrate Halloween During a Pandemic

As 2020 goes on, we keep coming up with new ways to live our lives. Here are some tips on how to keep Halloween fun and as safe as possible.

Halloween Do’s

Masks and social distancing are going to be a requirement. Try to make masks fun for Halloween by incorporating them into the costume. We have disposable child-sized disposable masks in stock now. Plus, we have KN-95 masks for adults. Our masks ship from St. Louis, MO.

Halloween maskKid Mask

If you have your heart set on handing out candy, do it from a safe distance. I’ve seen some creative ways to hand out candy at a distance through a candy chute. Decorate a PVC pipe and slide candy down to trick or treaters. Or, set candy in a bowl over 6 feet away and let trick or treaters help themselves. Of course, hand washing is an important step to make sure germs are not taking a ride on candy wrappers.

Halloween costume

Outdoor Fun

This weekend, my family and I went to an outdoor event at our local Zoo. They had limited spots available and masks were required. They had hand sanitizers throughout the event and modified exhibits to make them safer. For instance, buildings were one-way with separate entrances and exits. Plexiglass was installed on the train to create a barrier between seats. Instead of trick or treating throughout the Zoo, kids picked up a bag of treats on the way out. I was appreciative of the contactless candy transfer.

Next weekend, we are attending a drive-thru event that is similar to looking at Christmas lights, but it’s a spooky Halloween setup. Upon entry, the kids will get a treat bag. I am excited to not only support local attractions, but also to make new holiday memories with my kids.

Spread Spooky Fun

Another way to spread some spook-tacular cheer is to create Halloween kits for people you know and drop it off on their porch. Cookie decorating kits, games, candy, decorations – it’s up to you!

Need some candy alternatives? Our CANDicorn notebook & CACTacular Pens are a great alternative to candy!

CANDIcorn Pocket Notebook

Or perhaps a sweet clip-on? See our list of favorite candy alternatives here.

Stay Bright

If you’re out after dark, have kids carry flashlights or glowsticks. If you’re using a stroller, wagon or baby carrier, deck it out with battery-operated lights, too. Whenever I take the kids to anything outdoors after dark, I am SO thankful for light up shoes. They help me to easily keep an eye on littles.

Pumpkin Fun

If you have a pumpkin patch nearby, go check it out! It’s a great time of year to have kids outside.

In our family, we typically carve pumpkins close to Halloween. Since we hit up the pumpkin patch earlier than normal, my kids have been begging to make jack-o-lanterns early.

Another fun activity is painting pumpkins. Seriously, there are so many fun activities! Try not to focus on what you CAN’T do, and focus on what you can do safely. Kids take cues from their parents. If you are mourning activities and feel like all the fun is being taken away, your kids will pick up on it. Try to position this year as a new, different way to do things. And you get to do them all together!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!


Are you wondering how to celebrate Halloween in 2020? Here are some tips ideas for ways to celebrate Halloween safely.

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