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Cloth Diapering Baby #2
September 10, 2012 11:47 am | by
Cloth Diaper Creams

I’m a few months into this mom-of-two gig, and I feel like I’m starting to know what I’m doing. (Well, as much as any of us know what we’re doing.) I went into this knowing I’d cloth diaper Luke from the start, and would continue to cloth diaper Vicki until she’s potty trained.

I seriously underestimated the amount of diaper laundry I would have.

When Vicki was a newborn, we rented 24 newborn diapers because we weren’t sure if we would stick with cloth diapering. This time around, we purchased our newborn diapers so we would have them for future babies as well. Our newborn stash consists of 24 fitted diapers, 6 covers (I use the Flip covers and LOVE THEM), and 4 newborn all in one diapers. I prefer the fitteds for newborns because they’re small enough to use from day one, inexpensive, and they contain the runny newborn poop really well.

I wash diapers every other day, partially so they don’t get stinky and partially because newborns go through diapers quickly. At the beginning, Luke was going through 8-10 diapers every day. My washing machine was running constantly between diaper laundry and regular laundry, and I was still running out of newborn diapers. Now that he’s almost 3 months old, the laundry has calmed down a little. I plan to buy another half dozen newborn diapers for the next baby and/or teach the older kids how to do laundry. (Just kidding on that last part. Kind of.)

Once he’s big enough, I’ll put Luke in our bumGenius diapers, just like his big sister. We have a stash of 6 3.0 hook & loop diapers and 20ish 4.0 snap diapers, as well as 8 Flips. I intend to use the hook & loop solely for Luke, as Vicki has learned how to remove them. The remaining diapers will be divided between the two of them. I’m not sure how well it will work and whether I’ll need to add more to the collection, but I am really looking forward to leaving the house with just one kind of diaper in my bag.

All in all, I’ve obtained 28 newborn diapers and 8 Flip diapers in preparation for having two kids in cloth at the same time. I anticipate that next time I’ll only need to buy more diapers as replacements. Or, you know, when they’re really really cute.

What did you need to add to your stash for baby #2? Did you change how you diapered from your first baby?

Jessica von Wallenstein is a stay at home mom who chronicles her parenting adventures at She has a daughter born in September 2010 and a son born June 2012 and will be buried in cloth diapers for the foreseeable future.

About the Author

Jessica von Wallenstein is a stay at home mom who chronicles her parenting adventures at She has three children and is buried in cloth diapers.



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  • Autumn Vincent said...
    October 26, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    That’s nothing, I have several cloth momma friends with stashes well over 100 for one child. I’m only up to about 15 now. Next baby will be spoiled though. Lol. Already starting my nb stash. Saddly didn’t start with my son till he turned 2 and was not even remotely interested in potty training.

  • Anonymous said...
    September 13, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    I think at last count I have over 35 cloth diapers for two kids. Yikes!!

  • Q. Oso said...
    September 10, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    I decided to go with the AIO for my 2nd in CD … I didnt buy “newborn” sizes because I have some leftover Kissaluvs from my previous CD baby and just kept those w/ some rumparooz NB covers. NB are good but only certain ones I found to be worthwhile especially as this is the last baby… so I didnt want to buy anymore NB. Also I found that covers w/ prefolds are a whole lot easier w/ newborns. So I will use those… I really like the Rumparooz covers, I havent tried the flip covers for NB yet. We’ll see in a several more weeks though… how it will work. But I definitely LOVED KLos for NB …

  • Rachel said...
    September 10, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    That is an impressive stash. I’m diapering two with, 24 prefolds, 18 flats, 16 pockets and 6 flips (pockets and flips stuffed with prefolds and flats.) Sounds like a lot but I use it all in two days!

  • Megan Lubbers said...
    September 10, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    My second and third kids have birthdays very close to your two! I had 8 flip covers and about 15 inserts before I had #3. In anticipation of having two in diapers at the same time I bought 4 new covers and 6-7 new inserts. I already had more than enough for my son so I only needed to buy a few more for his new brother. I have also since bought a new freetime because I LOVE them;) but I definitely didn’t need it! I will probably purchase a few more freetimes just because I like them. I don’t think they are as convenient as the flips when they have poop in them…but otherwise they are more convenient!