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Cloth Diaper Basics: Taking Cloth Diapers on the Road
September 15, 2013 8:19 pm | by


I took a three-day trip this weekend, which was much needed and very enjoyable.

People go on vacation all the time, but there is a huge difference between my trip and other people who travel: I don’t have kids.

Traveling with kids can seem like a huge task in itself, but traveling with kids who wear cloth diapers may be an even bigger one.

Now, even though I don’t have children, I do know a thing or two about cloth diapers. I also know a few things about traveling with cloth diapers.

If you’re planning on taking a trip or vacation away from home and still want to use your favorite bumGenius, Flip or Econobum diapers, I have a few tips that will help!

1. ALWAYS bring a bumGenius Wetbag or two. This is essential, as you will be able to store 3-5 soiled diapers in your wet bag. I hear horror stories about people keeping used cloth diapers in plastic grocery bags that are later mistaken for trash and thrown out. Don’t lose part of your stash to something that can be avoided with a cute bumGenius Wetbag. You can tote diapers and wet clothes in a bumGenius Pail Liner if you need something larger than a wetbag.

2. Flip One-Size Diaper Covers and Flip Disposable Inserts are your friend. I know, I know. When you use cloth diapers, you probably hate the word disposable. Trust me, I do, too, but Flip Disposable Inserts give parents more options when it comes to using cloth diapers on the go. You can simply discard soiled Flip Disposable Inserts and replace your Flip cover with a new one. You never have to worry about laundry or having enough clean diapers on hand. And, in case you are worried about using anything sposie, Flip Disposable Inserts are free of harmful substances.

3. Plan for a laundry day. If you know you will be away from home for more than a few days, scope out nearby laundry facilities. Pack your detergent and make plans to wash your cloth diapers. bumGenius Laundry detergent is available in pre-measured packs so you can pack just enough to do a few loads of laundry.  This blog post will also help.

4. Ship items ahead. Save some room in your suitcase and send any item from Cotton Babies to your destination. You can also send items to a hotel. Just be sure to alert the front desk.

5. Pack all the other necessities for traveling with a baby, including swaddle blankets, sunscreen, toys, PeaPod, and, for the beach goers, swim diapers.

6. Don’t stress and enjoy life. I know that going anywhere with a little one takes some planning, but try not to get too consumed with cloth diapers that you miss what’s going on right under your nose (no pun intended). Traveling with cloth diapers is easy, especially if you follow the suggestions above.


About the Author

Brittney is a social media coordinator for Cotton Babies. She has three sisters, loves pizza and enjoys listening to obscure bands no one has heard of. Outside of posting on the Cotton Babies Facebook and Instagram pages, she babysits a few cloth diaper-wearing kids and likes playing with her dogs.


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