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Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions
February 12, 2018 3:48 pm | by
Cloth Diaper Storage


People often ask what is the best way to store cloth diapers. The answer? Whatever works for you! Here are some of our favorite cloth diaper storage solutions.

Use your imagination! There are many fun ways to store your cloth diapers. And with bright, bold colors and fun prints like the Genius Series and Cloth Diaper Collectors Club, it can truly become a work of art.

Cloth Diaper Storage Tips

  • Make it accessible. These are, after all, going to be used to change your baby. Keep them close to your changing table or area you plan to change baby most often.
  • Organization. Keeping this organized will keep your space looking clean. If you’re planning to use pocked or all-in-twos, decide if you want to keep inserts separate or pre-stuffed.
  • Have a space for accessories like wipes, wet bags, diaper rash creams and more.
  • Don’t let things get lost. If you try to cram too much stuff, things may fall or get buried.
  • Where will you store your dirty diapers? Have you decided if a Diaper Pail or Hanging Bag will work best for your situation? That may affect how you design your cloth diaper storage.

Here are some real-life photos submitted by members of our Facebook group, the Mob.

Do you have any tips for storing cloth diapers or keeping them organized! Leave us a comment.

20 Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions and Ideas

20 Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions & Ideas

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