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Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions and Ideas
March 28, 2017 4:00 pm | by

As you build up your cloth diaper stash, you might find yourself wondering – where do I put these? In a recent discussion about cloth diaper stashes in the Cotton Babies Mob Group, we saw a lot of cute ideas for storing cloth diapers. Here are some of our favorite ideas that will help you find the perfect storage solution for all your cloth diapers!

Jennifer Campbell

© Jennifer C

Jennifer C uses simple wall shelves which keep her cloth diapers close at hand when they are needed.


© Kalika B

© Kalika B.

We love these colorful shelves by Kalika B. because the colors really show up nicely!


Laura S

© Laura S.

These toy shelves are repurposed to help sort the cloth diapers by color and design. Great idea by Laura S. who has used cloth diapers with three babies now!


Melissa R

© Melissa R.

A rolling cart. Genius, Melissa R.


Samantha H

© Samantha H.

Put them in a basket just like Samantha H.


Stephanie H

© Stephanie H.

Learn from Stephanie H stashing your cloth diapers in a huge plastic storage is pretty convenient. You can just move them anywhere in the house at any time.


Steffani Erin J

© Steffani Erin J.

Steffani Erin J’s super chic bathroom cabinet repurpose is so cute.


Emma L

© Emma L.

Make use of that extra space above like the way Emma L stored her cloth diapers.

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