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Cloth Diapers – Jazzing Up bumGenius Cloth Diapers
December 26, 2007 5:41 pm | by

Cloth diapers can be fun to decorate. I wanted something fun for the holidays this year, so I purchased some puff paint and put a set of three silvery blue snowflakes on the back of one of Oscar’s white bumGenius diapers. Below you’ll find directions for an easy way to decorate your Cloth Diapers with a snowflake. The process was fun – especially with my two little helpers (age 5 and 2) at my side!

Step 1: Secure the cloth diaper to your counter or table
I stretched out the diaper and taped it to my counter using clear box tape. I used a piece of tape over each of the tabs and another long piece across the front of the diaper.

Step 2: Decide on a pattern and trace it onto your diaper
I found a free clipart image of a snowflake here. Using black ink, I printed the image, trimmed it down so it would fit inside the diaper and then traced it using a ballpoint pen. It was tricky to get the picture to stay still inside the diaper. Next time I would tape it down before starting the tracing process.

Step 2: Paint the Diaper

I already knew my color theme, so on my way home from work I bought two tubes of super-cheap puff paint… one white and one blue. This was the closest thing to snowflake blue that I could find. Apparently everybody else in town had the same idea because all of the sparkly silvers and light blues were gone!
As you paint, squeeze the bottle with even pressure and be aware that the first little bit seems to come out fast. Be sure to position your hand in a way that allows you to paint as much of a line as possible without having to stop, reposition and start again.
Step 3: The finished product!
The big snowflake was quite a challenge (who knew it was so hard to control that silly bottle of paint?) so I was going to stop there. Oscar decided to help me out though – so we ended up with some extra snowflakes to finish out his contribution to the project. I used the sparkly white to cover my mistakes. The blurp in the middle was the final dash of finesse on my work of art. This was tons of fun (and I’m certainly not an artist)!!
“Cloth Diapers – Jazzing Up bumGenius Cloth Diapers” is copyright 2007, Cotton Babies, Inc.

About the Author

Jenn is the founder of Cotton Babies & creator of bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum, worldwide leading cloth diaper brands. She has four children (Andrew, Oscar, Elsie and Louis) and holds an MBA from Washington University. When she's not working full time, she enjoys teaching business leaders how to implement sustainable economic & social change.


1 Comment

  • Lil Mouse said...
    April 27, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    hey i’ve been searching all over for how to decorate diaper/covers. i’m thinking of going with cloth and something like proraps, but they are all white when you buy in bulk/sale pkgs.

    anything besides paint that would work? would iron ons work or do you think it would peel up too fast or melt the plastic liners?