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How to Have a Fun Fall Season… Even with COVID-19
October 6, 2020 3:56 pm | by
Easy ideas for staying safe from COVID-19 while having fun. #COVID #safetyfirst #masks

For the most up-to-date guidelines, check the Centers for Disease Control. Here are some basic tips to stay healthy this fall while enjoying some activities. Safety matters! Take precautions and have fun.

Safety First: Wear A Mask

By now, the importance of masks has been drilled into all of us. Make sure your mask is clean, fits well, and is made of materials that will act as an effective barrier. When you are out and about, it’s good to pack some extra masks in case of stinky breath, your mask gets wet, or it falls on the ground.

You can store masks in a wet bag to separate clean vs. used.

Keep a box of disposable masks in your car or bag in case of an emergency. Grab child-sized(ages 2+) masks here and adults here. Our masks ship from our warehouse in St. Louis, MO!

If your kids are heading back to school, many teachers would appreciate some spare masks to keep in the classroom, too. Send a box of disposables to help keep everyone safe.

Kid MaskKN 95 MaskbumGenius mini wet bagWet bag with masks

Keep Clean

If you don’t have access to soap and water on the go, make sure you take hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes.

For little ones who like a binky, use a pacifier clip to keep it from falling onto the ground.

Ladybug Pacifier Clip

Avoid Crowds

Outdoor activities that allow you to spread out from others are a great way to get some energy out while staying safe.

If you’re going to a pumpkin patch or another fall activity, try to go at times that are less busy. If you can, weekdays are usually less busy or right at open/before close. If you can avoid the peak crowds, you will be around fewer people.

Pumpkin patch

Carry Them Close

People are drawn to babies. If you are taking your baby somewhere and want to keep your little one from touching something yucky or having someone touch them, wear them in a baby carrier. It’s a win-win!

Tula Little Robots baby carrier


Out of all the holidays, Halloween is one of the best for COVID-19-friendly activities. Wearing masks is a completely normal part of Halloween costumes.

Trick or treating may look different this year as visiting strangers and touching/passing candy doesn’t seem like an ideal scenario, but get creative! Perhaps you can do a socially-distanced Halloween parade and give each participant a bag of candy. Kids don’t really care how they get the candy. They want to dress up and have fun! Adults need to be in charge of the safety aspects.

You could even make decorating a face mask a fun activity. Add stickers or drawings to a disposable mask.

Halloween mask

Outdoor Fun

Choose events that occur outdoors and have adequate airflow. A bonfire could be a fun way to gather with friends while maintaining social distance.

Another fun activity on a cool evening is an outdoor movie night. You’ll need a screen/large sheet/garage door and a projector. Let everyone spread out while enjoy being together.

Safety Choice - Outdoor Movie Night

Indoor Safety

If you are going inside, be mindful of high touch-point areas like doorknobs, light switches, carts, credit card readers, etc. Wipe them down or use hand sanitizer before and after using them.

If you can prop a door open to limit people touching the door, that would be great. If you are having visitors to your home, consider single-use towels or flannel wipes in the restroom instead of everyone drying their hands on the same towel.

bumGenius Flannel Wipes

What are some of your favorite ways to have fun this fall? Stay safe, everyone!

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