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Diaper Houdini
July 31, 2008 10:29 pm | by

There comes a moment in most babies’ lives when they realize they have a special power: the power to remove their own diapers.

Fear shoots up and down a parent’s spine to consider the possibilities that exist now.

The look of realization on a child’s face when they realize they can strip down on their own is priceless. This is suddenly a huge step towards their independence. They get to decide if their clothes stay on or not. Lily will brush up against the velcro of her diaper and realize that it has been left uncovered and suddenly her face lights up! She yanks the first one open and the diaper falls to the floor and she starts to run – she knows that I am headed towards her to put it back. The chase is on, full of giggles and ripply, chubby baby bum.

Keeping the diaper covered is a great way to end the streaking. A one piece outfit is a big help. But sometimes even that is not enough to stop a little Houdini. Putting pants over the top can help, but there are some determined little escape artists who need Extra Help. Good old fashioned safety pins can do the trick. A safety pin at the crotch of the onesie is usually enough to keep things tight. But some kids need their pants pinned to their shirts in the back too. I knew one little girl who was an expert at removing her clothes – she needed a pin between every snap of her jammies that snapped down the front. But thankfully, not many kids are that skilled.

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