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Doodle Mix Up Month
April 18, 2018 10:38 am | by
Doodles Collection Mix Up

Important info regarding the April 2018 Collectors Club shipment.

Sometimes you just got to mix it up! We’ve been scrambling the last week or so because it turns out, the fabric for BOT-OF-TEA is still steeping and won’t be here in time for your April delivery. So…. we’re moving BOT-OF-TEA into May. It is a bummer, so we decided to have a little fun mixer based on fabric we still had on hand from Doodles round 1.

If you prefer not to receive this Mix Up set, no problem. Just contact us and we’re happy to refund this month.  Mix Up sets are unique to each style of cloth diapers. These sets will not be available in one-time boxes and are only available while supplies last.  See the set for your subscribed diaper style here, each diaper style set is a little different.

  • bumGenius Elemental – Garden Party
  • bumGenius Freetime – Omelette
  • bumGenius Original – The Great Outdoors
  • Flip One-Size Cover – Raining Cats & Dogs
  • bumGenius Littles – Furry Friends
  • bumGenius Big – Garden Party

Some items are the same as previous sets but we did try to mix it up with tab colors so you’re getting something a little different. We apologize for the delay. BOT-of-TEA will now be the May shipment in the Doodles Collections.

To cancel, or if you have any questions, give us a call 314-892-1855 or



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