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Easy Steps to Cloth Diaper While Traveling
March 13, 2018 4:38 pm | by
Secrets to successfully traveling with cloth diapers.

As families make plans for spring break and summer travel, we receive a lot of posts in our Facebook group, the Mob, about how to successfully use cloth diapers while traveling.

Cloth Diapers While Traveling

There are several factors that can make it easier or more difficult.

  1. Will you have access to do laundry? If so, carry on as normal! Try measuring out how much laundry detergent you will need ahead of time, or buy it at your destination.
  2. If you don’t have access to laundry facilities, how long will you be gone? You don’t want to go too long between washes.
  3. Make sure you have space to pack your diapers and enough wet bags to last the trip.
  4. Are you okay using the dunk and swish method to get poop off your diapers? If not, it will probably be helpful to use liners.
  5. Bring a larger wet bag. We recommend the Weekender or the Hangout Wet Bag for traveling. Plus, wet bags can be used for more than cloth diapers. Pack some to store dirty clothes or use them to organize your suitcase.

Our #1 Tip for Cloth Diapers on Vacation

Here’s our secret weapon to make cloth easy to use while traveling: Flip disposable inserts. Our Flip hybrid cloth diapering line allows families to easily switch between our 3 types of inserts: stay-dry, organic cotton and disposable. The disposable insert sits inside a reusable cover. When it’s wet, simply toss the disposable insert into the trash. Wipe out the cover and replace with a clean insert. If you don’t have access to a laundry machine, no problem. Flip covers can be hand washed and hung up to dry. The great thing about disposable inserts is that you do not have to haul all the dirty diapers home. As an added bonus, you will have more space in your bags on the way back because you will have tossed the disposable inserts. Hello, souvenirs! Or just lighter bags.

Let us know your secrets to successfully using cloth diapers while traveling.

Secrets to successfully traveling with cloth diapers.

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