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Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives to Gift Wrap
November 30, 2017 3:10 pm | by

A designer by trade, I’ve always appreciated things presented in a stylish and unique way. Wrapping presents at Christmas is my favorite because there are so many ways to get creative, but at the end of the day, it’s shocking how much garbage the holiday produces.

Paper Grocery Bag for Chic Gift Wrap

A few years ago, as an effort to produce less paper waste (and save some coin), I started using brown paper grocery bags to do all my wrapping. I’ll use some upcycled yarn, twine, ribbon, or washi tape to brighten it up so it doesn’t just look like a brown shipping box. This has become my trademark. Some stores like Trader Joe’s do special holiday bags with snowflakes printed on them, otherwise just turn the paper upside down so the store logo isn’t visible. You can also use newspaper (if you still subscribe to a print version).

Wet Bags – for more than Cloth Diapers

If you are giving a gift to a baby, kids or parent, a bumGenius wet bag is a perfect alternative to wrapping paper. They now come in a variety of sizes to accommodate multiple gift sizes. You can place the gift in the bag or pad it using some recycled paper, packing materials or fabric. Then just attach a tag or card and a bow. The best part is this wrapping alternative doubles as a gift! A wet bag has endless use options besides cloth diapers.

Swaddle Blanket for Stylish Delivery

Using a swaddle, blanket, towel, scarf or another form of fabric is a great way to wrap a gift. This wrapping also doubles as part of the gift! Just wrap it around the box, tie it off at top, and add a tag or card.

Kid Artwork Turned Wrapping Paper

My son takes after me and is starting to love coloring and drawing! We get him large pads or rolls of recycled newsprint to scribble on. He’s only two, so his work still has plenty of room for improvement. Besides he can burn through an entire pad or roll in no time. Instead of recycling the paper immediately (because no one can keep all the artwork), save it to use as wrapping paper. Grandparents especially love this method.

Reusable Bag as a Gift Bag

Most retailers sell reusable canvas or plastic bags. Sometimes they feature an interesting pattern or design. The price can range depending on the quality, materials and where it’s purchased, but often the price can be in line with a paper gift bag. Cotton Babies has a great selection of reusable totes in our Genius Collection.

About the Author

Danny is a designer, art director, illustrator and new dad residing in South City, St. Louis. He started his gig at Cotton Babies shortly before welcoming his first son, Everett. The new job has been "a perfect fit for the season of life” he’s entered, and Danny enjoys working on brands he believes in, educating others (and himself) on cloth diapering and lives for the days he brings Everett in to the office. When Danny isn’t busy working on the next Genius Series print, he can be found training for half marathons, rehabbing his nearly 100 year-old home, cooking healthy meals for his family and exploring parenthood with his wife … all usually while wearing baby Everett. Instagram: @dannyelchert


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