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Ergo 360 Carrier Review
January 16, 2017 7:00 am | by

I’m a confirmed Tula mom. Really, I am. My first thought when I opened the Ergo 360 and put it on, however, was, “Where was this when I was wearing all the time?!” The Ergo 360 is a great practical, versatile carrier. All too often, Ergo gets passed by when moms ask about great baby carriers. After trying out the Ergo 360, I think it should be at the top of many lists!

Check Out That Waistband

Okay, it’s probably a small thing when you’re looking at the carrier as a whole, but I fell in love with the Ergo 360 waistband the moment I picked up the carrier. It’s thick enough that there’s no mommy pooch hanging out over the top in a back carry—the only soft structured carrier I’ve ever tried that didn’t leave me feeling a little chunky when I tossed Little Miss up on my back.

The Velcro waistband also makes this carrier a snap to adjust from one user to the next. When I have to adjust most buckle carriers, I feel like I’m going on trial and error until it’s been on for a bit. This waistband, however, goes on exactly the way I want it every time. Am I gushing over the waistband? That’s because I love it. For those worried about stability, it also has a buckle that goes on top of the Velcro to hold the carrier, and therefore baby, firmly in place.

Versatile Sizing for Baby

The Ergo 360 offers a lot of sizing options for baby. Both the top of the carrier and the seat have two different button options to allow for baby to grow. Fold the top down for a small baby and use the smaller setting on the seat to keep baby’s legs in the perfect “M” position, then fold the top up as baby grows, moving the seat setting out to give baby more support between the legs. According to Ergo, it works without the infant insert around 12 lbs, while the infant insert can be used in the carrier from 7-12 lbs.

I will note that even on the widest setting, the seat on the Ergo 360 is a little narrow for my toddler. She’s around 30 lbs and in size 2T pants, so she’s definitely nearing the end of the weight range on the Ergo 360, which is intended to go up to 33 lbs. This is definitely a carrier that’s on the small end of versatile sizing. However, the aforementioned toddler did take a happy, comfortable trip through the mall in this carrier without protest, so she doesn’t mind her legs dangling a little more than they do in wider-based carriers!

Versatile Sizing for Mama

With the wide Velcro waistband, the Ergo 360 offers a versatile size range, especially for mid-size to plus size mamas. The straps and waistband offer plenty of room for adjusting, so this would make a great carrier for daddy, too! It’s a snap to adjust back and forth if you’re sharing your carrier with a spouse or letting someone else wear your baby.

Deep, Comfortable Seat

I love the waistband (have I mentioned my love for the waistband?), but the second feature I fell in love with on this carrier was the deep seat. Unlike many soft structured carriers, the Ergo 360 offers a deep, defined seat for baby. While my daughter is outside the size range for front carrying in this carrier, I put her up for just a minute to see how she fit, and I could actually get her in a front carry and still see over her head. Since I’m only 5’2” with a relatively short torso, that’s a huge benefit for this carrier! I think the deep seat makes up for the shorter crotch on the carrier and makes it more comfortable for baby.

Plenty of Carry Options

Unlike many soft structured carriers, the Ergo 360 offers four different options for how you can carry your baby. You get the standard back and front carry options, but with the Ergo 360, you can also carry your baby facing outward to let them get a better look at what’s going on or use the carrier to support baby on your hip. The variety of carrying options can help give mom a break or offer a different option for a fussy baby who is being hard to please.

Comfort Features for Mom

The Ergo 360 has comfortable padded straps and adjustable options that allow you to shift baby’s weight so that it’s as comfortable for you as possible. The thick waistband also helps provide lumbar support. It’s sturdy enough that it’s less likely to slip down, making it ideal for moms who don’t necessarily wear the carrier at their natural waist. I love the combination of the thick waistband and deeper seat, which make it possible to position this carrier a little higher than my natural waist and keep my toddler’s weight off of my hips. I have a bad hip that gives me trouble in the winter, so this is a great way to move her a little higher and make the carry more comfortable for me!

Smaller Profile

My cousin took one look at this carrier and decreed that it wouldn’t work for her and her big babies (as it turns out, it worked just fine; she just had to give it a try). This carrier has a much smaller profile than many other soft-structured carriers, which means less fabric to deal with and less heat held in. If you’re very hot-natured or carrying in the summer, the Ergo 360 also comes with a Cool Air option that allows for more air flow. There’s even a mesh infant insert!

The Things to Note

No carrier is perfect, right? While I did love this carrier, there’s always room for improvement.


  • The Velcro waistband that I love so much makes a lot of noise when it’s removed, so transferring baby to a crib when they’re asleep could be a problem.
  • The Ergo 360 doesn’t have a pocket for anything other than the attached hood, which means that there’s no place to stash an extra pacifier, stick your phone, or stick your wallet while you’re wearing your baby.
  • This is definitely a carrier with a smaller size range: while it’s perfect for little ones, your toddler will outgrow this carrier faster than they will some of the others on the market.
  • The Ergo 360 doesn’t have a lot of design options, so if you’re hoping for a bright, fun carrier, you’ll have to look elsewhere. It comes in several neutral shades, however, and basic black goes with anything!

I wish I had found this carrier when my daughter was just a little bit smaller. If I’d tried it a year ago, it would have become an instant favorite! As it is, I’m currently bummed that Ergo doesn’t have a toddler model. If you’re looking for a versatile carrier with a wide size range and more carry options that will grow with your little one from baby to toddler, the Ergo 360 is a great choice.

About the Author

Emily L. Goodman is a cloth diapering, baby wearing mother of four from Tennessee. When she’s not chasing her little ones around the house, she can be found working on her blog at, but don’t be surprised if it goes for a while between updates (the kids keep her plenty busy!), working on her latest novel, or freelance blogging for other companies. Her fictional works can be found on Amazon.


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