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Homemade Sweet Cheeks Bottom Powder
January 20, 2017 8:00 am | by

That perfect little bottom wrapped up in a super cute cloth diaper is such a sweet sight. Sometimes, that sweet little bottom gets a rash. Thankfully, we can make a natural bottom powder that is healing, safe, and smells delightful! It’s a good alternative to oils and creams you shouldn’t use on cloth diapers, and perfect for making yourself at home.

This Sweet Cheeks Bottom Powder has just 3 ingredients:

  • bentonite clay
  • arrowroot powder
  • lavender bud powder (or Rose powder, if you would prefer)

I like to buy my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs or the Bulk Herb Store. I have been using them in my herbalist practice for a few years now and love their quality.

You can find a glass shaker jar from Mountain Rose Herbs as well, or just reuse a clean spice jar.

Homemade Baby Bottom Powder - Sweet Cheeks Bottom Powder Blend

Directions to make Sweet Cheeks Powder

  1. Use equal parts Bentonite clay and Arrowroot powder. For this batch, I used just 1 tablespoon Bentonite clay and 1 tablespoon Arrowroot powder. This is a small batch and it fits perfectly into small spice jars.
  2. Then, add in your herb powder….in this case Lavender bud powder! I add 1/3 part of herb powder. So, in this recipe, we are using 1 teaspoon herb powder. You can add more if you would like.
  3. Mix thoroughly and store in your jar. Make a label so you can remember what you put in it and how much.

That’s it!

These make great gifts for new parents and postpartum mothers can use it to help keep dry.

To use, just sprinkle on as needed. The Bentonite clay helps to keep the area dry while pulling out any toxins that are irritating sensitive skin. The Arrowroot powder helps to keep the clay from clumping up but also helps keep the area dry. Lavender bud powder adds a pleasant scent but also is soothing.

About the Author

Jacki May is a mama to four beautiful girls, wife, and herbalist. She enjoys her time unschooling with her children, getting outside, knitting, and spinning wool. She has been a natural living advocate for almost a decade and enjoys her minimal, yet very bohemian, lifestyle. You can find her blogging on herbal medicine on her website Patchouli Herbs & Apothecary and about her chasing a hippie lifestyle on Raven & Oak.


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