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How many diapers
February 24, 2005 1:04 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Customers always ask ‘how many diapers will I need?’, and the honest answers is ‘we have no idea’. Of course we have a general idea, but every baby is different and produces different amounts of poop and pee through the day.

A heavy wetter will need more diaper changes through the day to keep him dry. A baby with liberal intestines will also need more diapers than the baby who saves it all for one spectacular explosion (the almighty super-poo). The number of diapers also depends on how old your baby is and what they eat. A new breastfed baby will go through a lot more diapers than a one year old eating pizza.

When our little guy was born, my parents paid for a diaper service for 3 months and we went through 80 diapers a week. Of course we didn’t change his bottom that often, but sometimes it took 4 or 5 diapers to complete one successful diaper change. It would go something like this: phew! stinky pooper! time to change the diapy. whoa! what a mess… polish the bum, get new diapy and whoa! a fountain spraying everywhere! yuk… another diaper to clean the off baby, the wall, table, etc. get new diaper in position, grunt… awwww… phew! another mess. another diaper, re-polish bum, eeeeewwww.. another poopie! gag, yuk… sigh… clean it all up again, do a diapering ninja move to get new diapy on, quickly hand baby off to mom and disappear before the next mess. We also used the diapers for burp cloths and cleaning up other messes just because someone had the honor of washing them.

So a new baby will most likely use more diapers than an older baby. If you buy infant prefolds and baby grows out of them, you can still use them as doublers or inserts for pocket diapers to wring more use out of them, saving even more money over time.

– Jimmy

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About the Author

Jimmy Labit is a full-time dad and has a lot of experience with cloth diapers. He takes care of the technical side of Cotton Babies when he isn't trying to juggle four kids. He is the male voice of Beyond The Diaper and brings a unique and quirky sense of humor to our blog.


1 Comment

  • nextelgirl said...
    March 4, 2006 at 4:27 pm

    You all have outdone yourself on the selection of cloth diapers and breastfeeding products. Bravo! Also, I’m love with the new BumGenius onesize pocket diaper that you designed. That is truly a trim one size fits all diaper! Amazing!