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How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower
March 18, 2020 9:59 am | by
How to host a Virtual Baby

With social distancing in full effect, it’s important to protect those most vulnerable. While baby showers are meant to be a joyous occasion, it’s critical that for the time being people limit large gatherings.

Instead of hosting a large in-person baby shower, a fun, interactive way to celebrate is with a virtual baby shower.

What is a virtual baby shower?

A virtual baby shower celebrates the new parents and their bundle of joy. Instead of gathering in person, everyone can watch the mama-to-be via video stream or in an interactive video chat, like a Zoom meeting.

You can even get a free basic Zoom membership, which would be great for something like this! If you need something a little more passive, Facebook Live might be the way to go. 

If you have some people in your life who are not tech-savvy, you could always text them the video after or watch it together once things calm down.

Virtual baby shower gifts for mama

What You’ll Need

  • Choose a date and time for the event
  • Internet access and smartphone or webcam
  • Send out invitations – either real invitations, an e-vite, or even a text
  • Baby registry for the expectant parents or a list of their favorite restaurants
  • Share an address to ship the gifts
  • Optional: send out favors or games to participants ahead of time


Family and friends can send presents ahead of time. Gifts can either be ordered online from a registry or dropped off on the porch or driveway to limit interaction. How fun! Plus, you may be able to get a better look at the adorable baby gifts with a virtual baby shower.

Virtual baby shower presents

Games & Activities

Send guests a game ahead of time. You could do traditional games like bingo or a word scramble by emailing or texting ahead of time. You could even play a “Newlywed” type game for new parents and involve Dad since there’s a good chance he will be there.

If you want to be real extra, you can send goody bags to all of the attendees for them to open during the virtual baby shower. You could even include games to play along together. Or an activity, like decorating onesies. A party favor would be sweet, too.


If you love throwing a surprise shower or just want to give mama something to smile about during isolation, you can pretty easily pull off a surprise virtual baby shower. You may need some help from her partner to help things move smoothly. For example, maybe the dad-to-be or grandma can help gather any presents that show up early or neatly arrange them for an impactful surprise.

Send Food

If you want to support local businesses or give a gift for the parents-to-be, try sending a gift card to a restaurant that delivers! Restaurants are being hit especially hard by people staying home. By purchasing a gift card now, you are supporting them from a distance while providing a gift the parents will truly appreciate.


Make sure all of your attendees know what time the Virtual Baby Shower is going to start and send out any links (if applicable) ahead of time. You can still have a great time celebrating the impending arrival!

Cloth Diapers

Of course, Cotton Babies would recommend giving cloth diapers. In a time like this when paper products are hard to come by, new parents shouldn’t have to drive around looking for disposables. Instead, they can stay safely at home with cloth diapers. Wear, wash, repeat.

Virtual baby shower - diaper and Milkdaze

Do you have any other ideas for having a memorable virtual baby shower? Leave them in the comments.


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How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

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