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Introducing an Accidental Genius!
April 1, 2016 11:33 am | by
Introducing an Accidental Genius

The story behind our accidental genius is an interesting one to tell.

It’s a musical print featuring Latin musical expression terms… called Giovanni… that…. wait… well… hmm… now what?

Now, pretend you’re sitting with me as I worked on a description of this really fun, new print….
We’re shouting FORTE
Dancing LEGATO…
Jumping for joy STACCATO…
If you’re a musician, typing those words might make you smile…
Because it all culminates with a beautiful cressendo!
Wait! Why does spellcheck keep saying this word is not correct…
Hang on – Let me go and… google it… OH NO!
Life just went from a happy little dance to an adagio requiem.
All those years of musical theory, and two musicians overlooked a major spelling error already printed on <checks inventory> way too many diapers.
We wish we could call it Genius.  We wish we could call it Giovanni.  But… it’s been demoted to an Accidental.
If you like it, it’s your great deal to grab… all seconds… all the time… We’ll be over here, doing our best not to cry.  We definitely preferred our amazing composition, but if we have to write a requiem for something, we may as well laugh and have a little bit of fun.
An Accidental Genius
P.S.  In music, an accidental is a note of a pitch (or pitch class) that is not a member of the scale or mode indicated by the most recently applied key signature.
P.P.S.  It’s not a joke, but Happy April Fool’s Day anyway.
Accidental is available in second quality bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers for a limited time, while supplies last…

About the Author

Chelsea is a Marketing Associate at Cotton Babies and a new mama to Harper Rae. She loves spending time with family and friends, shopping, drinking white chocolate mochas and most of all, being a new mama to her sweet, baby girl.


1 Comment

  • Holly B said...
    April 3, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Love the story behind this. Wish my April. Fools jokes were happy accidents like this. I’ve yet to pull off an April Fools joke.