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Lottie Life Nursing Apparel for Active Moms
June 19, 2018 9:13 pm | by
Lottie Life nursing apparel for active moms.

Wardrobe Challenges

As a mom who has breastfed 2 kids, I can attest that finding great nursing apparel can be a struggle. Sure, you can do the two-shirt method where you wear a nursing tank under a regular shirt and pull up the regular shirt to nurse. The tank keeps your tummy covered. Or you can continue wearing maternity clothes, which isn’t always great for your self-esteem. When I have found actual nursing pieces I like, I’ve been known to buy in several colors. If it works, I have no problem investing in great pieces because I know I am going to wear them a lot.

It’s time to get back into shape and I’m not loving my options. My pre-baby workout tanks are pretty tight on my breasts and they don’t allow easy access for my nursling. Or they just hug places that don’t need to be hugged; that’s why I’m working out. It’s hot here in St. Louis, and I don’t want to wear layers. I’d rather not spend money on clothes that fit for now, but aren’t nursing friendly.

Getting Active

Luckily, a friend introduced me to Lottie Life. It’s a line of nursing apparel for active moms. Or in my case, transitioning to active mom. We are now selling them at Cotton Babies! As an added bonus, they were created by another St. Louis Mom!

Lottie Life

Lottie Life Be Active Nursing Bra

I’ve seen a lot of nursing bras in my time, so what makes this one special? It features an adjustable nursing closure system. That means you can adjust to fit as your breasts grow through pregnancy and adjust back down as their size fluctuates. I love the racerback design and the sweat-wicking material as well. You can get it in all-white or blue and purple. This bra holds everything where it belongs for moderate to strenuous activities.

Be Active Lottie Life

Lottie Life Be Bold Athletic Nursing Tank

To be honest, I would wear this shirt whether I’m working out or just hanging around the house. It’s cute! This one features Lottie Life’s signature CleverLatch™, which is basically a tiny buckle that is hidden. It’s awesome because it’s pretty discreet and it holds up well. I’ve had some nursing tanks that have cheap little plastic hooks that have broken off and basically made the shirt worthless, but this one gets an A plus!

Lottie Life Be Bold

Lottie Life Be Covered Long Sleeve Nursing Pullover

I love layers, and this pullover is a staple. It’s nice to have options, and I was growing tired of wearing zip up hoodies all the time. The extended zipper on this pullover makes breastfeeding a breeze. Plus, it’s subtle enough that you can wear it long after your breastfeeding days are over.

Lottie Life Be Covered

Lottie Life Be Fit Athletic Nursing Tank

Like the Be Bold, this tank also features CleverLatch. It’s more fitted than the Be Bold, and features contoured stye lines. It actually gives you a waist! Its long length and adjustable hip band ensure it will fit from pregnancy through breastfeeding and beyond. I’m also a fan of racerback tanks!

Lottie Life Be Fit Nursing Tank

The design features on the Lottie Life apparel make it clear that they were designed by a nursing mom. Don’t hesitate to order yours!

Nursing apparel for active moms- check out Lottie Life.


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