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Top 5 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers
April 18, 2019 7:00 am | by
Top 5 Reasons I Love Cloth Diapers

People choose cloth diapers for many different reasons. Some people are excited about saving money while others are dedicated to reducing waste. Some parents want to know exactly what is in their child’s diaper while others simply like cloth diapers because they are cute.

Protect the Planet

I love what cloth diapers replace.

I definitely appreciate all of the reasons people choose cloth diapers. Originally, I was drawn to cloth diapers because of their environmental impact. I hated the thought of putting over a ton of waste into a landfill just from my kid’s diapers. As I learned more about cloth diapers through research and personal use, I’ve developed much more of a passion for cloth diapers.

Contain the Poop

I love how cloth diapers function.

When I expressed interest in cloth diapers as a pregnant soon-to-be first-time mom, I received a lot of pushback. Most people told me that I would get sick of doing laundry and switch to disposables. Here’s what I have learned: I would rather do laundry than buy disposable diapers. Newborns and infants poop with force. When my babies were in disposables, we got blowouts that required entire outfit changes and sometimes the changing table pad and other linens, too. My cloth diapers did a MUCH better job containing the mess. We still had the occasional blowout, but it was nothing in comparison. I’d rather routinely wash my cloth diapers than scrub adorable outfits that are stained by poop.

bumGenius cloth diapers - one of our baby registry must-have items!

Stay Stylish

I love how cloth diapers look.

Yes, I prefer the look of cloth diapers. They are much cuter, in my opinion than a flimsy sposie. Whether it’s a big ol’ stuffed fluff butt or a trimmer look, I still choose cloth. Monthly milestone photos can easily be taken to the next level of cute in a coordinating cloth diaper.

Love cloth diapers from birth - potty training. #cottonbabies #bumgenius

In the super hot summer, I’ve dressed my kids in just a t-shirt and cloth diaper. It looks cute and keeps them cool!

Keep My Cash

I love the savings of choosing cloth diapers.

Kids are so expensive. Between daycare, all the cute clothes, and wanting to provide educational toys, the costs add up quickly. On the rare occasion I pick up some disposable diapers, I really hate shelling out money on something my child will wear briefly before it is tossed into the trash. Cloth diapers have easily saved me thousands of dollars across 2 children.

Cloth Diaper Beginner Pack Bundle - Get Started and Save Money!

So. Many. Options

I did not go all-in with a certain style of cloth diapers when I started. First, I bought mostly Flip. I love how easy it is to change inserts and how fast they dry. I also had a few bumGenius 5.0 pocket diapers. In the beginning, I didn’t love stuffing diapers. Now, I’ve come to appreciate that I can change the level of absorbency in the diapers before sending them to daycare. I feel like our teachers do best with pockets, but they are champs and will use whichever styles I send. My husband seems to prefer Freetimes. Everything is in 1 piece, so it’s very easy to use. Then, I tried Elementals and I love how trim they are. Plus, the organic cotton is so soft!

I also have some Econobum and Elemental Joy as well because I wanted to be able to compare them against my bumGenius and Flip. The stretchy tabs on bumGenius and Flip set them apart from others, but Econobum and Elemental Joy get the job done great! I can get a great fit with all of the brands and styles mentioned.

Basically, my stash is a little bit of everything. What can I say, I love cloth diapers! Then, add colors and prints and there are seriously so many options. Whether you are looking for the most economical way to cloth diaper, ease of use, quick-acting or ultra-absorbent, it’s easy to find the cloth diapers that work best for you and your kiddo.

Love Cloth Diapers

I am cloth diapering my second child. As time goes on, I’ve never regretted my decision to use cloth diapers. As Marie Kondo would say, these diapers spark joy for me. It makes me smile when I think that these diapers have been with my kids since birth. They are still going strong! There are many reasons to love cloth diapers. What’s yours?

Top 5 reasons a real mom loves cloth diapers. #cottonbabies #bumGenius #FlipDiapers #clothdiapers #makeclothdiapersmainstream

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