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Maggie Lena Walker – Designer Diaper
February 28, 2017 6:19 pm | by

Maggie was revealed earlier today, and we’re in love… Not only with the print, itself, but also the genius, Maggie Lena Walker, who inspired it! Since it is Truly Genius Tuesday, We thought it would be fun to give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into our designer’s inspiration as she created Maggie.

We want to share with you a little bit about the design behind Maggie, the latest addition to the Genius Series. To begin, there is something you may not already know about our prints that we believe makes them truly special… From Albert to Spence, Ballet to Accidental… Genius Series or not, each and every one of our prints are created in-house by our very talented team of graphic designers.

Maggie Lena Walker Inspiration

The Design Behind Maggie

The Maggie Lena Walker house is an National Historic Site located in Richmond, Virginia. Details about Maggie’s beautifully-preserved home, including her original furnishing and personal taste, were the perfect inspiration for our new Genius Series print design. It’s evident that Maggie loved flowers, as they filled the rooms of her home. She even named the children’s divisions of the Independent Order of St. Luke, “Violet Circle,” “Daisy Circle,” and “Rose Circle,” after her favorite blooms. Through our research, we found that Maggie’s taste in home decor not only inspired us, but also the Art Deco style of the roses and background texture, along with the Art Nouveau representations of violets and daisies.

In addition to the beautiful floral design, Maggie features a simple gold coin, fittingly inscribed with “I’m a Genius.” The piece of the design represents one of Maggie’s most notable accomplishments, the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank, which she established in 1903. After merging with two other banks, this historical bank is still in operation today as Consolidated Bank and Trust, the oldest existing African American-owned and operated business in the United States.

Cotton Babies Designer Kristen Gau

More about our designer, Kristen Gau

Kristen is a designer, illustrator and working mom of three spirited kiddos, Henry, Mariella and new baby Nolan. She loves gardening, typography and children’s books. She can often be found in the kitchen with her aspiring, little chefs, cooking up ideas for dinnertime or plotting their next adventure. Kristen has been on staff at Cotton Babies for almost two years and in recent months, has brought her youngest to the office with her.

Maggie Designer Diaper

Maggie Lena Walker gets a designer diaper

A few months ago, one of our designers had a fun idea to add to our Genius Series mix…  a one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn cloth diaper by the artist who created the print. We are so excited to announce we’ve made this idea happen and to reveal to you our very first hand-drawn designer diaper. Cotton Babies artist, Kristen Gau, who designed the Maggie Genius Series print, created this one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn Maggie bumGenius Freetime diaper. This special item is now available on eBay.

Maggie Designer Diaper frontMaggie Designer Diaper bum

Shop Maggie in bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers, now while supplies last.


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