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Me and My Lamby
April 5, 2008 1:59 pm | by

Lambies are the best. For my last four kids I have used one and it has been so handy. That fuzzy little rug can do just about anything.

We have had our lamby for over ten years now and it still looks pristine. It has been through 4 kids – well it is on its fourth kid and there is not a stain to be found on it. It is still lofty and cuddly and perfect as ever.

Some uses for your Lamby Lambskin:

  • Before baby is born, sleep on it yourself. It is wonderfully cushy on those sore hips and it will absorb some of your scent, which makes it comforting for baby after birth.
  • Lay baby on top of it. It keeps baby warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm.
  • Use it as extra cushioning in the stroller.
  • Place baby on the Lamby when she needs a little bare bottom time. It will help to keep her warm and will protect surfaces under it.
  • Watch baby discover the texture of the wool, they love to run their fingers over the slightly bumpy surface and try to grab the tufts.
  • Use it as a home away from home while traveling. The familiar scent and feel will help baby to sleep better in an unfamiliar situation.

Just this afternoon, Lily was rolling around on hers and pulling up the edges and rubbing her own cheeks with them. She would giggle and snuggle it each time and then do it all again. It was truly a precious baby moment.

Care of the lambskin is much easier than I anticipated and is much the same as caring for wool diaper covers. Because wool is naturally dirt resistant, I only wash it right before a new baby and if it gets actually soiled with spit up or other body fluids. And with spit up, it can be wiped off pretty easily, so it doesn’t get washed until it has been doused more than a few times. Follow the directions on the wool wash you choose (Not Woolite!) to soak it then hang to dry. Eucalan or LANA 20% lanolin soap both work well.

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  • Beth said...
    December 6, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    Boo to Cotton Babies for carrying this product!