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New! bumGenius Elemental Review
November 18, 2016 12:00 pm | by

NEW! bumGenius ElementalI’m going to make a little confession… When I first discovered bumGenius cloth diapers, I tried out every one of their diaper styles. This is how I fell in love with bumgenius Freetimes… However, I just could not find the love for the bumGenuis Elemental. At that point, the second version of the Elemental (with the exposed PUL) had launched and the original versions were a thing of the past. As much as I wanted to, I just could not get the hang of it, so I sold it to a friend and loaded my stash up with Freetimes and 4.0 pocket diapers. But then…. the NEW! bumGenius Elemental made its debut and the Elemental cloth diaper made a comeback in my book. 

Like many other bumGenius customers, I was really excited when the newest version of the bumGenius Elementals was released. Hello, Elemental 3.0! No more exposed PUL, insert attached on both sides and even more absorbent than before! I was intrigued… I just knew that I had to give this new and improved diaper a chance.

The NEW! bumGenius Elemental is still a one-size, all-in-one cloth diaper that will fit babies from around 8-35lbs. Made out of 100% organic cotton, you’re sure to be impressed with its outstanding absorbency. This diaper fits trimmer than any other diaper in my stash (and I have A LOT of diapers, so trust me on this one), and yet I can completely trust it though long naps or extended car trips. I’ve also found that I do not need to size up Jackson’s pants, as I usually do for a cloth diaper fluff bum. 

I’m most excited about using it overnight. In my bumGenius Freetime review, I expressed that I most liked using it overnight with a hemp insert under the inserts. But I can now confidently say that my new favorite overnight diaper combo is the NEW! bumGenius Elemental with the hemp insert under the built-in insert and a bumGenius Stay Dry Liner against baby’s sensitive skin. Once this cloth diaper is fully prepped, I have no doubt that it can handle even the heaviest of heavy wetters.

At the end of the day, I’m really excited to #buyallthediapers and replace some diapers in my stash with more of the NEW! bumGenius Elementals. All the bumGenius colors we know and love are starting to trickle in with this newer design. You can currently find it in Albert, Armadillo, Countess, Grasshopper, Hummingbird, and Jelly. The remaining colors (including Cotton Babies’ new “little black diaper,” Fearless, and Love print) are available for preorder and should start shipping around 11/24. You can also find them in the newest Genius Series prints, Equiano and Austen, at a bumGenius retailer. Find the bumGenius retailers carrying Equiano here and those carrying Austen here.

What feature are you most excited about? Are you ready to find “the love” with the NEW! bumGenius Elemental?

About the Author

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of three who keep her on her toes! Her family resides in Columbus, Ohio — the Buckeye state! She ventured into cloth diapering a little "late," but is a firm believer in "better late than never!" Amanda enjoys her morning coffee, spending time with her littles, buying too many cloth diapers, much-needed pedicures and the rare date night with her husband. Get to know Amanda on her personal blog, Fluff Bum Babies. Instagram: @FluffBumBabiesMama


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  • maria said...
    November 21, 2016 at 4:20 am

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