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Big Green Lies: Are cloth diapers and disposable diapers really equal in their environmental impact?
April 16, 2009 12:38 pm | by

The CEO of Seventh Generation hosted a show last year on Fine Living Network called “Big Green Lies”. Among the topics this disposable diaper manufacturer discussed was: “Are disposable diapers as crappy as everyone thinks?” The video, hosted by Dr. Allen Greene concluded took a woman through the process of deciding between cloth versus disposable diapers. She toured a diaper service, listened to the diaper service owner explain the waste impact of disposable diapers and then visited with a mother who had chosen disposable diapers. After listening to the two arguments, she was advised by Dr. Green that the two

bumGenius Limited Designs – just in time for Easter
April 6, 2009 6:12 pm | by

Have you seen the Easter bumGenius diapers yet?!! When you get a moment, check out what this mama had to say about our newest bumGenius Limited product… I had to giggle when I read her blog post… she reflects the thoughts of so many of our customers who see these diapers for the first time in our retail store here in St. Louis. Back in February, we took a unique, fun look at a diaper we know and love… that turned into a special batch of diapers designed for Easter gift giving. I love the results and think they

Twitter and Facebook
March 5, 2009 1:00 pm | by

Since having Elsie, I’ve been introduced to and am absolutely loving Twitter and Facebook. We have some fun announcements coming both for Cotton Babies and for bumGenius. If you use Twitter, be sure to follow the @cottonbabies and @bumgenius Tweets to be among the first to know! If you’re on Facebook, the bumGenius community can be found here: The Cotton Babies Group for Facebook users can be found here:

A new bumGenius tester is born…
March 3, 2009 2:24 pm | by

Elsie Lillian Labit was born on February 13th at 7:18am, weighing 8 pounds even. She is healthy, beautiful and such a happy little girl. Please forgive my lack of initial updates. I’d planned to blog through the first bit of her life, but it hasn’t happened between recovering from having a baby and just adjusting to life with a newborn at home. Elsie has been in cloth diapers alternating with disposables as needed. I have about 16 newborn diaper changes and we’re doing a load of diapers nearly every day right now. We can use the bumGenius One-Size diapers now

High Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury? (not diaper related, but important)
February 3, 2009 11:16 pm | by

I have long suspected that something in high fructose corn syrup (and possibly other processed corn products) is somehow linked to neurological issues in children. My son has an undeniable reaction to foods containing processed corn. Because of his sensitivity, we’ve been on a corn-free diet in our house now for two years. This last summer, we experimented and let him try “real’ corn on the cob. We were shocked to find that he can eat unprocessed corn without a reaction! Knowing this led me down another path… perhaps we’re not dealing with corn as a food, but instead we’re

Jenn’s Newborn Stash – Need Your Suggestions!
January 26, 2009 7:36 pm | by

I’ve been steadily checking things off of my to-do list. We bought an aqua Britax Companion from Albee Baby. Cotton Babies was sold out. Britax is sold out and Albee Baby was the only place I could find selling them at a super-cheap price. Britax is going to have another infant seat in May, but I just can’t wait that long! The Companion is still sitting in the box in the basement waiting for one of us to figure out how to put it in the 2003 Chrysler minivan that we bought a week ago. Most of the baby stuff

I just spent $19.97 on a package of disposable diapers.
January 4, 2009 8:23 pm | by

I realized a few days ago that I’ve done nothing – absolutely nothing – to prepare for this baby. Most women spend nine months “getting ready”. I’m eight months pregnant and just haven’t had time yet to engage with the fact that yes, indeed, this bump that keeps me awake at night is a baby. It needs some basics like clean clothes, diapers, a place to sleep and a place to ride in the car. I need to get with it or Jimmy is going to be out shopping instead of hanging with me after the baby is born! So,

Cloth diapers ARE better for the environment… and here’s why.
December 30, 2008 12:47 pm | by

There’s quite a lot of misinformation floating around right now due to a lovely “spin” put on a recent U.K. report about the carbon impact of cloth and disposable diapers. There were two conclusions of this report. The media was fed one conclusion and the second has been virtually ignored. The updated report, entitled “An updated lifecycle assessment study for disposable and reusable nappies” study is an update to another lifecycle assessment released in 2005. An analysis of the initial study by the Real Diaper Association can be found here: The study was revised and released

Soggy Diaper Day
December 4, 2008 12:35 pm | by

Every once in a while there comes a day when you just can’t get a moment to change a diaper. This morning was like that for me. Lily woke up around 6:45 and I changed her into a new bumGenius and put her jammies back on. A few moments later my 11 year old came up to me and pulled up his shirt, revealing a lovely speckled rash. Hmm… that is a trip to the doctor for sure. I already was keeping my six year old home, she needed a chance to sleep in because she had been up coughing

bumGenius Wins Gold and Silver in Mother & Baby Awards
November 14, 2008 7:12 pm | by

The Mother & Baby Awards are organized by Mother & Baby, a large European parenting magazine. We’ve known for several months that several bumGenius products were being considered for the Mother & Baby Awards. The Reusable Diaper category is rather hotly contested in Europe so we’ve been awaiting the results with some nervous anticipation! We were honored to hear today that the bumGenius All-In-One was awarded Best Reusable Nappy. In a category where a gold, silver and bronze award are given, the bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper took second place with a Silver medal! Below is the press release as written