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How many diapers
February 24, 2005 1:04 pm | by
Prepping Your New Cloth Diapers

Customers always ask ‘how many diapers will I need?’, and the honest answers is ‘we have no idea’. Of course we have a general idea, but every baby is different and produces different amounts of poop and pee through the day. A heavy wetter will need more diaper changes through the day to keep him dry. A baby with liberal intestines will also need more diapers than the baby who saves it all for one spectacular explosion (the almighty super-poo). The number of diapers also depends on how old your baby is and what they eat. A new breastfed baby

People still use cloth diapers
February 23, 2005 2:12 pm | by

When people think about cloth diapers, they think of sticky vinyl pants and big scarey pins better suited for shish-ka-bobs. If you tell someone you use cloth diapers, they get a quirky look on their face and think you’re a little strange. Using cloth diapers really isn’t that bad and regular people still use them. Back in the day, cloth diapering didn’t have many options. If you wanted to cloth diaper, you bought some cotton prefolds, pins, and covers. Today, technology and creative moms are moving cloth diapers forward. We have things like bumGenius, inserts, All-In-Ones and contours to choose