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PART 2: Cloth Diapers to Big Potty – Essentials for Potty Training Cloth-Diapered Kids
February 23, 2017 12:01 pm | by

So you and your little one are ready to start their potty training journey, but don’t know where to start. As we talked a bout in Part 1, don’t stress. You’ve got this! And we’re here to help… So, let’s talk about the essentials you’ll need to potty train your cloth-diapered little one.

What do you really need when your baby starts potty learning?

When your little one is ready to start potty training, there’s a huge range of equipment to choose from: adorable little potties, adjustable toilet seats that are just the right size for tiny bums, trainers in a wide variety of absorbencies, and the list goes on. How are you supposed to sort out what’s really essential for your little one and what you can live without?

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to potty training: Are you ready? The essential pieces of equipment you really need in order to be successful with the potty training process are:

1.) A kid who’s ready to train.

2.) An appropriate place for them to use the potty.

3.) And of course, at some point down the road, you’ll want to purchase that adorable tiny underwear (such a huge change from the big, fluffy bum you’re used to).

If you have those essential ingredients, you’ll be ready to potty train your child with no trouble at all!

Do you need cloth trainers?

When I was potty training my first cloth-diapered baby, I convinced myself that I didn’t really need quality trainers. That was one more expense we didn’t really need at that point, especially since his little sister had just been born a few months before… or so I thought. Ultimately, I ended up regretting it. His little sister now has quite the collection of cloth trainers, and we’re much happier about it! If you’re starting the potty training process and on the fence about cloth trainers, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Does your child tend to hit new developmental milestones quickly, or does it take them longer to catch on? Trainers can make a long potty training process much easier for you and baby. On the other hand, if your toddler potty trains in a miraculous three days and never has another accident, cloth trainers might not be as useful.
  • Is your child able to stay dry all night? If your little one is still waking up wet in the morning, you’re going to need a nighttime diapering solution for a while yet. Trainers can make it easier for your child to get out of bed and go potty without help as they start to figure it out. Keep in mind that overnight wetting is developmental, not just a matter of training: some kids aren’t able to stay dry overnight until five, eight, or in some cases, even later. These odds increase if you or your spouse wet the bed into later childhood.
  • Is your child comfortable with all the noises and sights in a public bathroom, or do they become quickly overwhelmed? A child who doesn’t like public restrooms may be more likely to have accidents when you’re out and about in public.

How do you choose the best potty seat?

In many cases, your little one—especially if they’re a little bigger, size-wise—may be able to use the big potty from day one. In other cases, you may need a smaller option. Kid-sized potties and seats are often more comfortable for little ones for a number of reasons.

  • They’re less likely to fall in.
  • There’s no lid on a toddler-sized potty to fall on little boy parts.
  • Smaller seats are a more ideal position for little ones. Their little legs won’t dangle while they’re trying to use the potty.

So now you’ve got the essentials down, but what cloth trainers do you go with? Head to Part 3 of our “Cloth Diapers to Big Potty” series to learn more!

About the Author

Emily L. Goodman is a cloth diapering, baby wearing mother of four from Tennessee. When she’s not chasing her little ones around the house, she can be found working on her blog at, but don’t be surprised if it goes for a while between updates (the kids keep her plenty busy!), working on her latest novel, or freelance blogging for other companies. Her fictional works can be found on Amazon.


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