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PART 3: Cloth Diapers to Big Potty – Choosing the Right Cloth Trainer
February 23, 2017 12:03 pm | by

Which Cloth Trainer is Right for You?

So you have the essentials for potty training your little one down, but now, which cloth trainer is right for your little one? We get it. There’s lots of options out there, but by simply considering what you want out of a trainer, you may just find just what your little one needs.

Light Absorbency for Small Accidents

Some cloth trainers are designed to feel just like underwear, with a slightly thicker cloth that provides a little more protection in the event of small accidents. This style of a cloth trainer is perfect for a little one who heads to the potty just a little too late… dribbling before they get there. Blueberry trainers and regular Super Undies are specifically designed to keep your little one’s pants protected from small accidents, with a “real underwear” feel that won’t make your child feel like they’re wearing a diaper.

Stronger Absorbency for Trips and Daycare

Whether your daycare isn’t as on top of the potty training game as you are or your little one struggles to remember to use the potty on trips out of the house, the right cloth trainer can make a big difference in keeping your little one’s pants dry.

Flip Trainers are a favorite in our house. Not only do they come in all of our favorite diaper colors and prints, they also offer full absorbency that will easily hold one full accident and a PUL cover that keeps clothes dry. They were also great when it took my youngest a month longer to catch on to the art of going to the potty at daycare.

Overnight Absorbency

You don’t want to set your child back on their potty training journey. Maybe (like me) you made the mistake of telling your child that “diapers are for babies, and you’re not a baby anymore” before their bladder was quiet ready to make it all night long (oops). “Night time underwear,” as we called it in our house, is a great compromise between a diaper’s absorbency and the big kid underwear that your child really wants to wear. Super Undies offers a nighttime “underwear” solution with a ton of absorbency that will keep your little one’s sheets and pajamas dry. These undies are easy for them to pull up and down themselves, making them the perfect solution as your little one gets big enough to get up and hurry to the bathroom on demand.

Washing Cloth Trainers

Washing cloth trainers isn’t drastically different from washing cloth diapers except for one thing: you won’t be going through as many of them. Your diaper washing routine will be fine for your cloth trainers with a few alterations.

  • As your toddler goes through fewer trainers, you can wash towels with the load to fill it out more.
  • If you need to stretch longer between loads, consider rinsing pee accidents so that they can wait longer to be washed.
  • Consider washing your cloth trainers that have only been used for pee with your child’s clothes, pajamas, or sheets to help bulk up the load and get everything clean.
  • Reduce the load size on your machine if necessary.
  • After an accident, drop the affected pants and underwear into your diaper pail – not with your normal dirty laundry. This will also help ensure that you don’t end up accidentally leaving pee sitting on your child’s clothes for too long.

In many cases, cloth trainers are even easier to keep clean than full-size cloth diapers. They have less absorbency, which means fewer layers to clean! As your child decreases the number of accidents that they’re having, you may even find yourself washing trainers without a “mess” in them—and before you know it, you’ll be washing “big kid” underwear!

This marks the end of our “Cloth Diapers to Big Potty” series. To summarize, don’t stress! You’ve got this. Simply learn the essentials you need to being your potty training journey and think through the key features you need to find the right cloth trainer for you. And remember – every child is different and will graduate from diapers to “big kid” underwear in their own timing. You’ve got this!

About the Author

Emily L. Goodman is a cloth diapering, baby wearing mother of four from Tennessee. When she’s not chasing her little ones around the house, she can be found working on her blog at, but don’t be surprised if it goes for a while between updates (the kids keep her plenty busy!), working on her latest novel, or freelance blogging for other companies. Her fictional works can be found on Amazon.


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