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Review: Aden + Anais Classic Crib Sheet
February 23, 2015 5:17 pm | by

We are IMG_7813HUGE fans of the aden + anais swaddle blankets and have used them for about 2 1/2 years now. I think they are one of the best purchases I made before having my little one and now I always gift them to my mama-to-be friends. When I learned that aden + anais also made crib sheets I was super excited to try them out. And of course, like the blankets, the crib sheets are just as amazing! Here’s why we love the aden + anais crib sheets and why they are a MUST for your little ones crib or toddler bed! 

Material – Like the blankets the crib sheet is made out of the same ever-so-soft muslin swaddle fabric. It’s thin, durable, and breathable! Since we switched from the ordinary crib sheets to the aden + anais crib sheet, I swear my little one sleeps better at night. He’s a very warm sleeper and no sweating with this crib sheet. 

Durability – I’ve washed our crib sheet about thee times in the two weeks we had it. Once when it first arrived and each week since. I always like to wash our linens on a weekly basis so durability is a must for me. I can honestly say this crib sheet still looks brand new! No wash wear, no fading, nothing! I washed it accordingly, like I’ve always done the blankets, and it washes up like a charm! My little one also is a fan on jumping on his bed and no rips or tears with the crib sheet. 

Style – I love the style of aden + anais products. They are simple, usually gender neutral, and will go with almost any room theme. I went with the solid “grey” in our crib sheet and really love the color. It’s a nice light grey and matches well with my little guys room. 

Overall we give the aden + anais crib sheet a 10! My little guy loves the softness of it and I love that it is durable AND functional! If you are a fan of the Aden + Anais blankets you defiantly need the crib sheet! And if you have never tried the aden + anais blankets or crib sheets, I highly recommend that you do! You can purchase both of these wonderful products right here at Cotton Babies. Be sure to check out all of the amazing colors and patterns we have to choose from! 

What are some of your favorite must have baby/toddler products? 

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Emily is a Midwest native currently residing in North Dakota with her husband who is active duty in the United States Marine Corps and their sweet boy Asher Jude. She currently is a stay at home mama due to her husbands busy military schedule. She enjoys crafting, shopping, and of course blogging on her personal blog Everything Emily. Emily's little guy is the light of her life and she loves sharing tips, tricks, and life experiences with other mamas. Instagram: @emilyloeffelman