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Review: Mrs B’s Handmade Soap
August 13, 2015 7:20 pm | by


I received a few different baby soaps as gifts before my daughter was born. I didn’t put too much thought into bathing her — beyond the fact that it needed to happen regularly — so I just used the first thing I opened.

The soap I was using worked fine, but then I received a bar of Mrs. B’s Calm Baby Soap. I was unsure about using bar soap at first, however, the very first time I used it I was hooked.

I just swirl it around in her washcloth a couple times and the lather is so rich and smooth. She comes out of the bath squeaky clean. No, seriously! I never realized how slippery she was after a bath before using this soap. And, because Mrs. B’s Calm Baby Soap is handmade from plant-based oils, she not only gets clean but her skin stays moisturized. It also has Chamomile-infused water and Lavender Essential Oil, which are both known for their soothing effects that promote relaxation. I haven’t even been following up with lotion. This soap works great for babies of all skin types, and mom can use it too!

I’d definitely recommend this product for your little one. It’s a really nice alternative to the chemical-heavy beauty and bath products that dominate the market. Plus, it’s made locally (in St. Louis), so I get to support small businesses, too 🙂

About the Author

Holly is an Arkansan turned Missourian, and a graphic designer turned accounter. She loves thrifting, crossword puzzles, movies, and keyboard shortcuts. She's having so much fun being a mom to baby Lola!


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