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Review: NoseFrida Snot Sucker
January 9, 2015 5:36 pm | by

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.34.59 PMThe NoseFrida definitely falls under my top 10 must-have baby/toddler items. I invested in one when my little guy was about 4 months old and have been such a HUGE fan of it since. The regular bulb syringe that we were given in the hospital just wasn’t cutting it for us. I could never tell if it was really working. It seemed too big for my baby’s tiny nostrils, and I’m not going to lie.. I was totally freaked out by all of the mold rumors associated with this product. After making the switch to the NoseFrida, I’ve never looked back. It’e been such a lifesaver with my overly nasally baby. I never thought I would be so giddy over a product that involves extracting mucus, but we just love our NoseFrida. Here’s why:

It’s effective. Unlike most nasal aspirators, the NoseFrida doesn’t actually go into you little ones nostrils, but forms a suction barrier around the outside. So, when you place it by your little one’s nostrils and begin to suck where the mouth piece is,  (Yes, you suck the snot, but don’t worry there is a handy little filter in place preventing it from going into your mouth) you create an effective little vacuum that clears the mucus from the nose. And when I say clear, I mean clear. I was so shocked how effective this little device really it! 

Easy to Clean. The NoseFrieda comes with filters that make it easy to clean. It’s also 100% hygienic so there’s no need to worry about catching your little one’s cold. You can purchase additional filters separately if you end up running out. A box of 20 refills costs just under $3. 

Simple to Use. I have never had any issues using our NoseFrida. In fact, it’s so easy and gentle that my little guy rarely ever squirmed while using it. 

Other benefits: I love that the NoseFrida is BPA free and made from safe materials, making it perfect and safe for tiny, delicate noses. It’s also very durable and long-lasting. 

I highly recommend the NoseFrida to any parent looking for a great nasal aspirator. It’s so effective and has been such a lifesaver during the cold and flu season. I know the concept seems odd and I must say I was a little skeptical to try it out, but I can promise you it will not disappoint! You can purchase your Nosefrida and additional refills by clicking the links below. 

Nosefrida –

Refills –

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Emily is a Midwest native currently residing in North Dakota with her husband who is active duty in the United States Marine Corps and their sweet boy Asher Jude. She currently is a stay at home mama due to her husbands busy military schedule. She enjoys crafting, shopping, and of course blogging on her personal blog Everything Emily. Emily's little guy is the light of her life and she loves sharing tips, tricks, and life experiences with other mamas. Instagram: @emilyloeffelman


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