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Real Mom Talk: Nostalgic Toys
November 17, 2015 7:18 pm | by

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.17.28 PMThe holidays are here, and most kids will put a new toy or two on their holiday wishlist. I started to think about the toys I’d get my little guy this year, and it made me wish I could take a trip back in time just to soak up a few of the fun things I did as a kid. I’m always looking for toys that brought me joy when I was younger and I want to share the same experiences with children. I’ve been able to find a few of my favorite toys, but some of them are non-existent these days. It often puzzles me because I wonder why on earth production stopped on some! Here’s a throwback to the ’90s + some of my favorite toys. Do you remember any of these?! 

Light Bright – They still make these, but they definitely aren’t like the old ones! I can remember having so much fun poking the little pieces through the paper. I also remember how hot these things used to get as well. I’m sure the new LED ones are much safer! 

A Sit ‘N Spin – My parents still have my Sit ‘N Spin and I’m not going to lie, occasionally, when I visit, I still pull it out of the storage closet and test it out. My little guy has one of the newer versions and they don’t spin nearly as fast as the old ones do. Maybe that’s for the better! 

Saucer Swing – My parents hung a saucer swing from a walnut tree in our yard when I was 5 or so and that thing kept my afternoons very occupied. I can remember getting so dizzy on it that I could barely stand up. I’m not sure if they still make these but I’d love to try and find one for my little guy. 

Koosh Ball – Remember these? The Dollar Store always had them and they were so fun! Definitely a childhood favorite! 

Magic Mit – You know, the velcro mits that came with a tennis ball. My grandma had a set at her house and I can remember my sister and I playing with these after school. Target had a set over the summer that I picked up and my husband and I spent many summer nights playing with it! 

Easy Bake Oven – Oh, the time I spent baking with this little gem when I was little. Remember how delicious the cookies were!?

Skip It – The bruises this thing used to leave on my ankles… painful but so fun! 

Perfection – One of my favorite games to play as a kid + the still do make it! I grabbed one for my little guy the other day! Can’t wait for him to open it on Christmas morning! 

What were some of your favorite childhood toys? Isn’t it funny the memories a toy can bring bring back?! Oh the nostalgia! To be a kid again.

About the Author

Emily is a Midwest native currently residing in North Dakota with her husband who is active duty in the United States Marine Corps and their sweet boy Asher Jude. She currently is a stay at home mama due to her husbands busy military schedule. She enjoys crafting, shopping, and of course blogging on her personal blog Everything Emily. Emily's little guy is the light of her life and she loves sharing tips, tricks, and life experiences with other mamas. Instagram: @emilyloeffelman


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