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That’s How I Roll… With My Diaper Bag
June 30, 2012 12:35 pm | by

After toting diaper bags for over 4 years, I think I finally have the contents paired down to the right amount of helpful stuff without over-stuffing it with half the medicine cabinet and 2/3 of the nursery.

Come on, admit it. As a new mom you walk around with so much stuff for your baby, you should be dragging a rolling luggage bag behind you, right?

Granted, we are beyond the newborn stage, and I have one who’s potty trained, so I don’t need to carry quite as much stuff as is needed with tiny babies.

So here’s a little peek into what I normally stuff into my beautiful Petunia Picklebottom.

Let’s start with the obvious contents for a diaper bag- diapers. I always have 2 with us, unless we’ll be out for longer than a few hours. Here I have a bumGenius 4.0 Chelsea Perry print pocket diaper and an Elemental All In One.

I bring a Whammies wet bag with me (one of two that I rotate) for dirty diapers.

Now, as far as wipes go, I bring disposables. With my first, when I only had one baby to deal with, I used cloth wipes on the go 90% of the time. Now? I simply don’t have time for it. Plus, the disposable wipes come in handy for cleaning off restaurant tables and sticky 4 year old faces. It’s a compromise I’ve given myself permission to make because it makes cloth diapering easier for me.

I’m also a sucker for Boogie Wipes. The kids are volunteering to wipe their own noses with these, so I consider that magical. We’re big fans of the grape scent.

Of course, I keep a change of clothes in a plastic bag. Most of the time that I’m changing my toddler’s clothes on the go it has more to do with her sneakily pulling the lid off a cup of milk and giving herself a bath in it than a diaper blowout.

Flat cloth diapers are one of my Top 10 Newborn Essentials for a reason. They are work horses! I carry a few with us for random cleanups that need more than a few wipes.

I try to keep a couple crocheted coffee sweaters I’ve made in my bag since I make so many Starbucks runs. And I never go anywhere without a few Archer Farms organic fruit leathers. These things are the best bribes! I mean snacks… of course I meant snacks.

I love The Honest Company’s Honest Healing Balm for diaper rashes, cuts and scrapes. And there isn’t much a fun character bandage can’t fix, including a sour attitude.

I try to keep a few packs of anti-bacterial wipes in there, which really come in handy when I need to wipe off a disgusting toilet seat for my 4 year old. I’m down to my last one! Time to order more.

Last but definitely not least, I do not go ANYWHERE without an extra pacifier for my 18 month old. Obviously.

What I need to add is a tube of sunscreen. We used up that last of the one I had in there last weekend. I should be getting a new one from The Honest Company in my monthly shipment any day now.

So, that’s it! Well, okay… maybe I didn’t show you all all the random bits of paper and toys and pieces of gum rolling around in the bottom of my bag, but I did show you everything of substance. What do you keep in your diaper bag?

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  • Katie Moore said...
    July 2, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Hey! I just had a quick question about your site. If you could get back to me when its convenient that would be great!


  • BEAN3100 said...
    June 30, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Love ur petunia, im obsessed with mine. I carry two changes of clothes baby has nasty reflux. Toys, cloth wipes and 3 bg 4.0 utter cover, lots of burp cloths, sunscreen, my wallet, my water bottl, sippy cup, antibacterial wipes….and of course the kitchen sink ! Lol can you tell im a first time mom 🙂