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Real Mom Talk: Winter Activites
January 28, 2014 11:59 am | by

Winter can be brutal, and it seems like this one has been worse than most. Between sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms, and icy roads, we’ve found ourselves stuck inside the house quite a few times already – and there is still plenty of winter left to go! Here are our favorite strategies for avoiding cabin fever when we’re trapped inside.

Break out the crafts: I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to fit in messy crafts when we’re always running out to a playdate or preschool. So, on the days where we have nowhere to be, I turn to the craft box and let the kids go crazy with paints, glitter, and anything else they want. Or if you’re snowed in, make paper snowflakes! They’ll love seeing their creations come alive when they unfold the paper. Find natural art supplies here.

Bake cookies: Warm up the house and little bellies with some freshly baked cookies! Or, if you’re short on ingredients, have the kids help mix you up a concoction with what you have on hand. Who knows what they might come up with?

Play in the tub: To switch things up (and clean up sticky toddlers after painting or baking), we’ll do a bath in the middle of the day. I let them climb in the tub, fill it with bubbles, and play until their fingers prune. It’s a nice change of pace from the normal evening bath where we’re usually rushing to get everyone clean and in bed on time. BONUS: a mid-day bath means you can skip the nighttime one! Make bath time even more fun by picking up a toy or two from our bath time category.

Build a blanket fort: This is a classic for a reason – it’s just plain fun. I grab a couple of chairs from the kitchen, haul them into the living room, and drape blankets over the top. Then the kids and I sit inside with hot chocolate while we watch a movie. Perfection. Aden + anais adult dream blankets are generously-sized and large enough to snuggle with your little one on the couch and use to build a fort 😉

Burn off some energy: If cabin fever is starting to get to you, mix it up with physical activity! Make a race track around the house and run in circles. Time yourselves going up and down the stairs. Check out exercise videos on YouTube and do some moves. Crank up the music and have a dance party. Anything that gets the blood pumping will shake you out of your funk. And it will help burn off those cookies.

What are your favorite activities when you’re stuck inside with the kids?

About the Author

Jessica von Wallenstein is a stay at home mom who chronicles her parenting adventures at She has three children and is buried in cloth diapers.


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