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Reducing Plastic Waste One Diaper at a Time
August 14, 2019 9:59 pm | by
Reduce plastic waste one diaper at a time by ditching disposable packaging for reusable alternatives.

Recently, Walmart announced published its goal of Zero Plastic Waste. In summation, the company plans to use less plastic, recycle more and find alternatives. 

The company goes on to detail how it will achieve these goals by 2025. As a company dedicated to making reusable alternatives available to the mass market, we applaud Walmart on its endeavor to take a greener approach in its strategy. 

Reusable Options

When we pitched a new product to Walmart, we knew a reusable product made in the USA would be what set us apart from what Walmart was currently selling. 

Earlier this year, our Elemental Joy Cloth Diaper Kit landed on the shelves of select Walmart stores and online at  Our cloth diapers are IN the disposable diaper aisle alongside Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Parents Choice, Hello Bello, 7th Generation and more. That in itself is a milestone we’re proud of. But look beyond the fact that we’ve brought a cloth diaper to sit on valuable shelf real estate amongst a sea of single-use products. The Elemental Joy Cloth Diaper Kit comes in a reusable plastic bucket that can be used as a diaper pail to store dirty diapers until it’s laundry time.

Elemental Joy IN the cloth diaper aisle in Walmart.

There are no plastic bags inside the bucket. Our Elemental Joy cloth diaper covers come inside a reusable wet bag. The reusable 100% cotton inserts are tied together neatly with a piece of ribbon. The ribbon is actually fabric used to make cloth diapers. We’re so proud of this kit, everything it includes, and everything it doesn’t. 

Elemental Joy: Reduce plastic with reusable packaging

Reducing Plastic

Eliminating waste is important to us. We are taking steps to offer packaging that makes sense to us and our customers. So hey, Walmart-  we see you, and we’re with you on this one!

Expecting mom with Elemental Joy cloth diaper kit.

We're preventing plastic waste by packaging Elemental Joy #clothdiapers in a reusable bucket that can be used as a diaper pail. #reducewaste #reducereuserecycle #CottonBabies


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