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Review: bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers
November 23, 2014 10:43 am | by

largeWhen I started using cloth diapers several years ago, I was looking for the simplest cloth-diapering system available — the one system that would be the most husband and childcare-friendly. I knew that we’d have our hands full with a newborn and a toddler, and I really wanted cloth diapering to work for us. After a good amount of research, I had determined that an all-in-one diaper was the best choice. I stocked up on original Elementals and eventually some prefolds and covers. But for some weird reason, I stayed away from pocket diapers! I guess I didn’t think I would be too keen on having a stash of 15-20 pocket diapers that I’d have to stuff before every use.

I cloth diapered my daughter until she potty trained at 27 months. Fast-forward another 12 months, and my son arrived! We’ve been using the Elementals faithfully during the day, with a double-stuffed Flip or Econobum at night. And now, I am excited to say, I finally have my first BumGenius 4.0!

What a great diaper! I wish I would’ve just added a few of these to my stash when I first invested in cloth diapers because I know I would’ve fallen in love with them too. The bumGenius 4.0 is trim and yet provides a snug fit. It is super absorbent, and I can even use it as an overnight diaper by stuffing it with the regular and newborn-size inserts that it comes with. The microsuede surface keeps my son feeling dry. The outer shell is soft, the elastic is strong and stretchy, and it does not leave red lines on my son’s legs. I can truly tell that this is a comfortable diaper!

I’ve also realized that stuffing is NO BIG DEAL! Once you get used to cloth-diapering it really makes no difference if you spend an extra 5 seconds stuffing a diaper. I’ll take that as a lesson learned!

Finally, I will encourage you to find something that works well and stick with it. It’s never fun to spend extra time or money on a product that leaks, is uncomfortable, or doesn’t hold up to long-term wear and tear. The bumGenius 4.0 works remarkably well! Give it a try!

PS: For a limited time, bumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers are Buy 6, Get 1 Free! This is a great deal if you want to try something new, add a few extra diapers to your stash, or need a gift for a new parent.

About the Author

Francesca Abernathy is a mother of three children and loves to cook, bake, and jog. She works outside of the home but dreams of the day she can sit on her couch, watch Dr. Oz, and eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from 8:00-5:00. She lives with her saint of a husband in St. Louis, Mo.


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