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Review: S’well Water Bottle
June 30, 2016 8:47 pm | by

S'well water bottle

Let’s talk water bottles. And more specifically the “Choose Love” S’well Water Bottle because it’s awesome. No, really. Let me tell you why.

I just spent a total of six hours in the sunshine at our local pool. That felt like a REALLY long time, especially in 90-degree weather, and I needed to stay hydrated to chase after the two bigger kids and nurse the baby.

My cooler isn’t super big so it doesn’t have enough space for all the water bottles I need for a full day outdoors. For this reason, I decided to pack my S’well water bottle with some ice water, knowing there was a fountain I could use to refill as needed. Since this water bottle is made of stainless steel, it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. And boy, does it definitely lives up to this promise — it kept my ice solid for SIX HOURS at the pool. Granted, I kept the water bottle in the shade under my pool chair as much as possible. But still! That’s AMAZING! I was able to have cold water all afternoon.

Another great thing about this bottle is it’s reusable. Think about all the plastic water bottles that get recycled or thrown away on a daily basis. I know my family can go through a case of water bottles pretty quickly! If every person in our family used a reusable water bottle, we could keep over 30 water bottles out of the landfill PER WEEK! It can take anywhere between 450 and 1,000 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose so this is a huge step! A lot of families use cloth diapers to help our planet and keep disposable diapers out of the landfill. You can do the same just buy purchasing a reusable water bottle. Cotton Babies also carries Lifefactory glass water bottles, which are BPA free, durable and easy to pack for any outing.

The “Choose Love” S’well Water Bottle also has such sleek lines. It’s a very modern-looking water bottle and provides such a good message. It can help remind you everyday to just simply “choose love” in every aspect of your life that you can.


About the Author

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of three who keep her on her toes! Her family resides in Columbus, Ohio — the Buckeye state! She ventured into cloth diapering a little "late," but is a firm believer in "better late than never!" Amanda enjoys her morning coffee, spending time with her littles, buying too many cloth diapers, much-needed pedicures and the rare date night with her husband. Get to know Amanda on her personal blog, Fluff Bum Babies. Instagram: @FluffBumBabiesMama


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