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Share the Love FAQ
September 10, 2014 5:46 pm | by
Share the Love now shipping diapers to families in need. #sharethelove

What is Share the Love?stlsite-share-2

  • Share the Love is a non-profit program that distributes local resources to nearby families in need. This provides a consistent, scalable framework that is key to sustaining our communities. Share the Love is run by individual host sites that are responsible for collecting donations of cloth diapers in their local community, laundering donated cloth diapers, processing applications and distributing donated cloth diapers to qualifying families. This program has been active for two and a half years and has over 100 host sites in 42 states across the country.

Is Share the Love a 501c3?

  • This program is not currently set up as a non-profit (501c3), which means donations are not tax deductible. Share the Love is structured in a way that it operates with complete honesty and transparency to anyone asking. Cotton Babies provides labor and reference materials as well as training and support to host sites.

My application was denied. What do I do now?

  • Your application could have been denied because you are outside the host site radius of 40 miles, or because diapers were not available to fit your needs. Keep an eye on the Share the Love map for new locations. You may resubmit your application later to see if diapers are available or email for more information.

 Why haven’t I received a response on my diaper loan application?

  • First, please email if you are in this situation. It is possible we did not receive your application or your essay. Both of which are required to be considered for a diaper loan. If both have been received, we will contact your local host site. We ask that they reply within two weeks of receiving a diaper loan application.

Why isn’t there a Share the Love location in my area?

  • Share the Love is backed by a network of volunteers who generously devote their time to help struggling families. We are constantly accepting applications to serve areas that do not have a host site. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Share the Love host, you can find the host site application here.

Does Share the Love accept diapers in need of repair?

  • Yes, Share the Love will accept any cloth diaper as long as the PUL is still functional.

What brands of diapers are accepted?

  • Every diaper that is distributed through Share the Love needs to be safe for a baby to use. The best way to ensure this is to only accept brands that are CPSIA approved. That means they have been tested for safety. We can also accept diapers that are made of 100% natural fibers. We are working on a list of approved brands and hope to have that available on the Share the Love website soon.

 I have diapers I want to donate. How do I get in touch with a host?

I want to help my local site but don’t have time to be a host. Is this possible?

  • Absolutely! Each host site is encouraged to get involve their community. This is key to the long-term sustainability of each host site.

Do diapers loaned through Share the Love have to be returned?

  • Yes. All diapers  distributed through Share the Love should be returned by the child’s third birthday. If the diapers are no longer in use, they can be returned sooner so they can be redistributed to another family in need.

I don’t know anything about cloth diapers. Can I still apply for a cloth diaper loan?

  • Along with cloth diaper education and references from Cotton Babies, a Share the Love host can help you learn about cloth diapers.

I don’t have a washer and dryer. Is cloth still an option for me?

  • As long as basic utilities (water, electricity) are in place, cloth diapers are always an option for any family.

Can I purchase diapers to give my local site? How do I know what to buy?

  • The Share the Love registry makes it easy to give diapers to host sites. Any item listed on the Share the Love registry will allow each host to help struggling families.

Did we forget something?

  • Email if you have additional questions.

Want to get involved?

  • There are many ways to join Share the Love. You can become a host site, donate diapers, or simply just spread the word about diaper need. Learn more.

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