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How to fold a prefold
December 20, 2010 6:01 am | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

You can change the way that you fold pre-foldsĀ to adjust the fit and absorbency for your little one. Here are a few folds to get you started: Newspaper FoldThis is the simplest of all diaper folds. Fold the diaper in thirds with the thick part in the middle, fold any excess length towards the back and lay in a self closing diaper cover. Angel Wing FoldFollow instructions for the Newspaper Fold. After laying the diaper in the cover, fold the back edges open like wings. You can secure these wings to the front of the diaper with a Snappi Diaper

What Style Of Diaper Is Right For You?
December 11, 2010 6:31 am | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

We’ve shared previously in Cloth Diapers 101 some of the different terms associated with cloth diapers and the types of cloth diapers. But how you do really know what style will work best for you? How do you choose a place to start that will help you be successful in your cloth diapering journey? First of all, why are you interested in cloth diapering? Many parents initially look at cloth diapering for environmental reasons — and with good cause! Disposable diapers are the third most common consumer product in landfills today. A disposable diaper may take up to 500 years

Why Econobum?
December 7, 2009 11:52 pm | by

EconobumĀ was created to give you the option of a high quality, less expensive diapering system. The one-size diaper cover is simple, easily adjustable and will fit most babies from birth through potty training. The one-size prefold is six layers of high quality, super absorbent Indian cotton – unlike any other prefold available. Fold lines are sewn into the prefold so you know exactly where to fold it to get the best fit for your baby. We’ve kept it easy so you don’t have to worry about the details. Best of all, Econobum starts at only $11.95. What a great way

Cloth diapering is a system
February 25, 2005 2:04 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

When new moms call and ask about what kind of cloth diapers they should buy, they are typically focused on a single product. They want to know how many bumGenius one-size cloth diapersthey should get, or how many Kissaluvs, etc. When I tell them cloth diapering is more of a system than a “how many” question, they are intrigued because they haven’t thought of it that way. They’ve read the reviews and are trying to settle on a type of diaper to use. But what comes out of the baby changes over time and even through the day, so only

How many diapers
February 24, 2005 1:04 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Customers always ask ‘how many diapers will I need?’, and the honest answers is ‘we have no idea’. Of course we have a general idea, but every baby is different and produces different amounts of poop and pee through the day. A heavy wetter will need more diaper changes through the day to keep him dry. A baby with liberal intestines will also need more diapers than the baby who saves it all for one spectacular explosion (the almighty super-poo). The number of diapers also depends on how old your baby is and what they eat. A new breastfed baby