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Tag Archive: cloth 101

Cloth 101: Cloth Diapering at Night
November 3, 2013 2:03 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Using cloth diapers at night should be just as easy as using cloth diapers during the day, right? The short answer is yes.  But sometimes, cloth diapering at night takes a bit more work.  Whether it’s due to your little one’s sleep position, the amount of time your baby rests, or if you have a heavy wetter, you may experience more cloth diaper leaks at night than you would during the day. Try some of these tips to help you cloth diaper at night and stay leak-free! 1. Double up.  With bumGenius 4.0, or other similar pocket styles,  you can stuff additional

Prepping Cloth Diapers
October 20, 2013 11:10 am | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Prepping Cloth Diapers Cotton Babies released new prints and products last week, so it’s only suiting to write a blog post about prepping cloth diapers — especially because a handful of people most likely ordered these items. Prepping cloth diapers is one of the most important steps in getting your cloth diapers ready for use and ensuring maximum absorbency. We’ve come up with a quick list for how you prep bumGenius Freetime, Original Pocket Diaper 5.0, Newborn or Flip Diaper and Econobum One-Size and Newborn Covers, and Stay Dry inserts. Prepping Cloth Diapers in Six Easy Steps Sort your cloth diapers into like colors, just like you would

Cloth 101: Prepping Your Cloth Diapers
September 29, 2013 1:44 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Cloth 101: Prepping your cloth diapers Cloth diapers require a little bit of TLC but with a little big of info you can set yourself up for prepping your cloth diapers and you’re ready to go. It’s true, you will need to wash your diapers a bit differently than you would with other laundry — from start to finish. Prepping your cloth diapers is pretty simple and we have a few tricks that can help make it even easier such as the wet towel tricks and regular washes with hot and cold cycles become part of your cloth diaper laundry routine. So, when you pick

Cloth 101: Do you speak cloth?
July 22, 2013 6:24 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper terminology is a foreign language. And, if you haven’t done your homework, learning the lingo may seem well, … exactly like a foreign language. Speaking, reading and understanding cloth diaper terms gets easier. It just takes a bit of studying, but with hard work and dedication, you will quickly pick up on cloth diaper vocab. For those of you who want to become fluent in cloth diaper, we have a cheat sheet for you! Below is a list of some of the most popular cloth diaper terms. AIO – All-In-One, a diaper with a waterproof outer and absorbent inner

Cloth 101: Outdoor Drying
July 1, 2013 9:58 am | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Ah, summer. What’s not to love about the season? School is out, vacations are planned, and the weather is nice, which can only mean one thing: air drying cloth diapers. Line drying your cloth diapers is a great way to save money, and each month, it can put more than $10 back in your pocket. But not only that, drying your diapers in the sun can also remove stains and sanitize your stash. To dry your cloth diapers outside, you don’t need a traditional clothesline and clothespins. You can use a folding drying rack or set your diapers over a