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Tag Archive: diaper sprayer

Getting Started: How many cloth diapers do I need?
March 27, 2022 8:00 am | by

I want to cloth diaper. Now you’re asking yourself, “What do I need to start using cloth diapers”? Well, do you know the answer? If not, that’s okay. We are here to help. Getting started with cloth diapers and building the number of diapers available for cloth diaper changes is easy. Not sure? It’s ok. Lots of families use both disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Here’s how you can begin: Purchase 24 cloth diapers in the style of your choice. Why 24? Newborns often go through eight to 10 cloth diapers a day, and we recommend washing your cloth diapers every other

Thursday Giveaway: Accessory Starter Kit
November 11, 2015 5:45 pm | by

Peanut butter is to jelly like accessories are to cloth diapers.   If you’re new to cloth diapers, accessories are your friend. Hey, they’re your friend even if you’re a seasoned mama who’s been using cloth for years. To put it simply, cloth diaper accessories are a little something extra to make your experience even easier and meet your needs, especially since getting the hang of things can be a lot to take in at times. Don’t worry, though, that’s why we’re here.   For this week’s giveaway, we’re going to give two people an accessory starter kit which includes one

Review: SprayPal
January 24, 2015 2:38 pm | by

When you start using cloth diapers,  everything seems like unicorns and rainbows. Really. Who doesn’t want a rainbow of colorful diapers and their unicorn print? 😉 But then, your baby starts eating solids and you find out that cloth diapering isn’t rainbows and unicorns at all. It’s actually full of poop. Poop that is in your cloth diapers that has to come out — some how, some way! Now let me warn you, cleaning the poop is going to be messy. And it certainly isn’t fun. This doesn’t have to be so bad! You see, there are people thinking about us parents

Cloth 101: Using a Diaper Sprayer
June 22, 2014 1:50 pm | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Say goodbye to dunking your dirty cloth diapers in the toilet! Or, if you prefer to scrape ’em out with a spatula, get rid of that, too. The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer has been put on this Earth for a reason: to eliminate the messy work (aka poop) associated with cleaning cloth diapers. Using a diaper sprayer is awesome. It rinses your diapers in seconds without you having to stick your hands in poo water. All the “yuck” goes right into the toilet and, if you use it with a SprayPal, you can avoid any potential backsplash. The bumGenius diaper sprayer  is easy to install.

Thursday Giveaway: Accessorize!
June 18, 2014 5:17 pm | by

Find your favorite cloth diaper accessory. Whether it’s a diaper sprayer, wet bag, or bumGenius BabyLegs, cloth diaper accessories are meant to make cloth diapering easier. When you’re just starting out with cloth diapers, you may not even consider adding an accessory or two to your stash because cloth diapers alone can be a commitment. But, once you get the hang of things, you’ll find yourself wanting that bumGenius Diaper Sprayer to help rinse out your diapers before laundry day. For this week’s giveaway, we want to help enhance the cloth diapering experience and give more people a chance to try

Real Mom Talk: The WRONG Way to Cloth Diaper
April 22, 2014 6:16 pm | by

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is completely satirical. It is our attempt to make you smile 🙂 The wrong way to cloth diaper…from the experts When my husband and I started cloth diapering we felt like everyone was the expert except for us.  All of my friends used “lingo” we had never heard of.  We didn’t know all the different types of diapers or even what we needed to buy to properly cloth diaper- what the heck was a wet bag or a diaper sprayer?  Things we learned along the way… If you buy diapers that you have to stuff, never

Solid foods and cloth diapers
October 29, 2012 1:00 pm | by
Cloth Diaper Creams

I’m one of those moms who looks forward with great anticipation to the time that my babies start to turn from dazed infant to interactive baby. One of those signs of increased involvement is starting solid foods. Whether you start with purees or do baby led weaning, solid foods are going to affect your cloth diaper routine. But like the small changes that make your baby’s personality shine more brightly with age, the change to solids from liquids is a positive and exciting one. My son eating sweet potatoes, and applying them to his head Surprise: poop smells more stinky

Potty Training – What to do when it’s time for #2
September 26, 2012 10:30 am | by

After almost 3 months of being completely potty trained for peeing (self initiating, able to go to the potty all by himself), my almost-3-year-old son still refused to poop in the potty. Any potty. Not his potty chair, not a potty seat on the big potty, not even the kid-sized potty at his preschool. Every single day, I used my diaper sprayer to spray poop out of his big boy underwear while we repeated the same conversation:Me: “Where does the poop go?”Him: “In the potty”Me: “Where did you put it?”Him: “In my underwear” *sigh* It got to the point where

How potty training affects laundry
June 23, 2012 9:36 am | by

Potty training, for us, means instantly less diaper laundry. Hooray! The potty training toddler is still having accidents, but it is definitely a huge difference to have only one baby in cloth when I was accustomed to two. I’m no longer having to run loads of laundry and stuff pockets late into the night because I’ve run out of diapers. Occasionally, the diaper pail wet bag is actually full before I run out of diapers! While I’m really enjoying less urgency in washing my stash, I’ve also learned from the more experienced cloth diaper mamas that I have to be